JAIIB Preparatory Mock Tests - 3 subjects

JAIIB Preparatory Mock Tests - 3 subjects

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JAIIB Preparatory Mock Tests - 3 subjects

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**The test is completely online. All you need is a computer with a broadband internet connect (e.g. at home, office or cybercafe)**

About the mock tests

The mock tests are for all three papers -

- Principles and Practices of Banking

- Accounting & Finance for Bankers

- Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking

For other details on the JAIIB exam, refer our blog for inputs on how to clear the JAIIB examination.

Comparison with Closest Alternative

Comparison - competitive offering

On purchase, you get the following

1. Access to take a JAIIB-type test of around 90+ questions totalling 120 marks randomly picked from our large question bank of over 300 questions for each subject.

2. A complete and linked glossary of terms, giving you easy access to explanation on terms and acronyms in the domain.

3. You can take the test across unlimited attempts for the tests till the day of the respective paper.

4. Capability to check the correct answers, revisiting the questions and understanding the chapter reference and feedback. Track your score and watch it improve with every attempt.

5. New questions get added every year.

Feedback from existing users

"The mock tests provided by TrainingCentral are really very helpful. I feel more n more confident after solving each test.the answers are given in such an explanatory form that one will never forget the answer for that question. I feel myself prepared not only for jaiib but also for the officers exam . I think candidates appearing for jaiib/caiib should register themselves for these mock tests to get the desired results" - Ms. Mehta, PNB, New Delhi

Faculty designing the mock tests

The question bank is compiled by highly experienced domain experts from across public sector and private sector banks.

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