Liquidity And Capital Management for Corporates (Face-to-Face)

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Liquidity And Capital Management for Corporates (Face-to-Face)


Liquidity and Capital Management course is a comprehensive training program designed for corporate professionals by an industry expert having a rich experience of more than 30 years. Enriched with market-specific case studies providing deep, practical understanding of the subject, this program will be conducted in a classroom setting.

This program on Liquidity and Capital Management will help professionals involved in funding, liquidity or capital management, or line managers responsible for making decisions related to pricing, investment, or funding that impact these areas.

Topics to be covered in Liquidity and Capital Management Training Program:

  1. Overview of a typical Bank/NBFC balance sheet – what are the key components of the balance sheet and therefore sources (wholesale and retail) and application of funds. This will also enable an understanding of concepts such as short term and long-term borrowings, capital/debt and subordination characteristics and advance/deposit correlation. Finally, it will also seek to expand on the drivers impacting the cost of capital for a financial institution.
  2. Asset Liability Management (ALM) – the role, concept and key principles including internal funds transfer pricing. This will also cover aspects such as Cost of Funds and Value of Funds and more importantly the interdependency of various business lines, some of which are more focused on deposit gathering and others that are focused on investment and deployment in profitable avenues.
  3. What constitutes capital? – History and evolution of regulations impacting with particular emphasis on the Basel Accord, implications of the financial crisis on these regulations and the RBI norms which largely follow the rules set out in the Basel Accord.
  4. What constitutes Liquidity? – Why is it critical? Lessons from the financial crisis – will cover examples such as Northern Rock, Freddie and Fannie Mae. Will specifically highlight duration and gap risk caused by a mismatch of tenors in sourcing and deployment – in most instances funding long term assets with short term sources and borrowings.
  5. Key ratios for liquidity and capital monitoring – why and what do these ratios accomplish?
  6. Linkage between Liquidity and Capital – will also cover concepts such as trapped capital/liquidity and double leverage among other things. This will in particular highlight challenges of dividend distribution to parent from subsidiaries for organisations with a cross border presence.
  7. Role Of Finance & Treasury Teams – Distinct Responsibilities and Dependencies

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Liquidity And Capital Management course is ideally a face-to-face, in-person classroom training and can be scheduled on sufficient demand, say 12 to 15 participants as a minimum. If any organisation seeks to run this virtually, this can be done as 2 modules of 3 hours each. If you wish to schedule it for your organisation, please share your contact details and the Program Title you wish to be covered at

About the Trainer

Krishnakumar (KK) is a qualified Chartered Accountant and holds a membership with both the Institute of Chartered Accountants in India (ICAI) and the Institute of Chartered Accountants, England and Wales (ICAEW).

He is a finance professional with 30+ years of experience primarily in the banking industry (HSBC and SCB) in addition to the Big 4 Audit Firms (KPMG and EY) – across India, the UAE, and the UK. He has wide-ranging experience in business partnering, balance sheet management, M&A activity, and capital/debt raising.

He has a strong technical accounting and financial governance background and appreciation of the big picture and investor/stakeholder related dynamics which was helped by his first-hand experience in engaging with the Board, Risk and Audit Committees of FTSE 25 organisations.

Most recently, KK was instrumental in helping HSBC to build out its Finance Operations Hub and worked as a Global Process Owner in addition to driving the learning and development agenda. He has managed large and diverse teams across geographies and has helped coach and mentor a robust talent pipeline.

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7 Hrs

Mode of Learning

Face-to-face Classroom

Author Name

T N Krishnakumar


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