Payment Systems – II – Analysis & Trends

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Payment Systems – II – Analysis & Trends


The world over, Payment System automation has been a concerted objective of Central banks. Advances in technology have hastened this resolve, as technology also acts as a threat to the Banking Systems near-monopoly on payment systems.
The course ‘Payment Systems – Analysis & Trends’ takes the learner through the various advances in payment instruments, the impact of these changes and the various implementations in key nations around the world. The course also identifies the alternatives which bypass the banking systems in facilitating payments.

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Offline and Online Payment mechanisms are a part of all the transactions and it is important all individuals, be it the executive working in an office or the trader selling his wares or the farmer understand payment systems and how it impacts his/her life.
Professionals who are working with retail and corporate banking can access this course to understand the functioning of payment systems which power the transactions.

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