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The largest industry-focused catalogue available bundled in the world’s most progressive Learning Management System (LMS) , hosted on powerful Amazon AWS Servers! This immediately removes the many impediments to a CHR’s strategic digitisation of the organisation’s learning processes. 

With our state-of-the-art platform, we offer a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for all your eLearning needs. Our learning portal is designed to provide an exceptional learning experience, with a wide range of courseware pre-loaded and ready to access. 

At TrainingCentral, we believe in the power of technology to transform education. Our LMS is not just limited to traditional courseware but also offers interactive features such as discussion forums, collaboration tools, and assessments. This fosters engagement and promotes a collaborative learning environment, allowing learners to interact and learn from each other.

We take pride in being a leader in learning solutions for the finance sector in India, offering a customizable and scalable LMS solution. Our platform, powered by Moodle LMS, allows you to create engaging eLearning experiences tailored to your needs. You can easily customize the look and feel of your portal, add your branding, and tailor the content to align with your learning objectives.

The winning  features of one of the efficient Learning Management System in India include –

With TrainingCentral, you can be confident in the security and reliability of our LMS. We prioritise data protection and ensure that your information is kept secure at all times. Our platform is designed to handle large volumes of traffic and can scale according to your organization’s growing needs.

All this at a price flexibility that ensures highest ROI for your finance organisation. So why wait? Join the thousands of learners and organizations who have chosen TrainingCentral as their preferred learning management system in India. Experience the convenience, flexibility, and effectiveness of our feature-rich portal today.

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* – Regional language versions available for select courses.

Learning Management System in India



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We have subscribed to Compliance Courses offered by Training Central since year 2012, Which are provided via their web portal (http://vwfs.trainingcentral.co.in). With Training Central, we are assured that the latest compliance and governance-related requirements and developments are incorporated in the courses timely. Their technology, training platform and prompt support has been good and we satisfactorily continue to use their product and service.
Rahul Prasad
Head - Human Resources, Administration, Procurement, Volkswagen Financial Services
The TC team led by Manoj Navalkar, thus gained our confidence and trust, as he brought to the table a strong technical/functional background based on his corporate experience, sound rationale and thoughts around building challenging learning solutions and architecture. The strong due diligence done by TC team before recommending any consultant trainer/ prospective hire at senior levels in L&D is commendable, and this helped us in cutting short our time investment for quality validations.
Manjith Mohan
Head - Learning & Development, IIFL (Finance & Securities) Ltd

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