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Learn from the Courses used by established banks and finance companies to train their employees! Register for the Certificate for the Mortgage Professional (CMP) today!

Present your Certificate to top recruiters from Banks, NBFCs, Housing Finance Companies and other recruiters from the finance companies.

The Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector is one of the largest employers providing jobs that are exciting and rewarding. Finance jobs offer stability and excellent opportunities for career growth.

Access our free course to sample what the best quality self-paced courses look like. Register for our free courses now.

The Certificate for the Mortgage Professional (CMP) prepares you for a career in the fastest growing segments of the industry – Retail Loans. Over the last few years, Home Loans and its variants have contributed to over 50% of the retail loans business in the industry.

This 40 hours of certification includes:

*The inclusion of various learning components is subject to the selection of Pricing Plan.

Getting in touch with us is easy

TrainingCentral Solutions Contact Form

* indicates required

*Office hour support is available Monday to Friday and working Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm. TrainingCentral offices are open on first and third Saturdays of the month.


The CMP program does not have any pre-requisite for subscription. Students in their final year of graduation may also apply. However, subscribers who complete the certification successfully will gain subscription in FinNet (TrainingCentral’s portal for resource augmentation) on meeting the following criteria –

  • Gradate seeking employment in the Banking & Finance industry
  • Minimum 50% in Graduation


  • Should be good in communication and quick in being able to respond to queries from potential clients, especially those financial in nature.
  • Should be ambitious and keen to develop a professional career in finance. 


The Certification covers essential areas that measure your success at the workplace


You learn various industry concepts, market practices and key processes through topics like Compliance (like KYC, AML), Technical (like Home Loans, Credit Reports, sales training and collections methodologies) and behavioural (like taxation, negotiation skills, communication methods and so on).

Core Competencies

Core competencies prepare you for how you will work in your new workplace. While business knowledge is essential, your employer also expects you to behave and interact with internal and external customers in a particular way. This section includes Code of Conduct, POSH and so on.

Productivity Skills

Many additional skills contribute to higher efficiency at the workplace. Courses here include ‘MS-Excel for the Finance Executive’ and ‘E-mail Etiquette’.

What you will get?

CMP is unique in that the segments are used by leading banks and NBFCs. Program components will vary depending on the Learning Plan an individual selects.

2-days Classroom Training

15+ hours Self-paced courses

Extensive Objective Tests

Practicals for Job Knowledge

Interview Preparation

Guest Lectures

On Successful Completion of your program, you will receive:

  • Verifiable TrainingCentral CMP Certificate
  • Listing on Recruitment Portal for recruitment by top industry players

The training is delivered to you through our feature-rich learning portal. Successful candidates will publish their CVs on the dedicated resourcing portal

Do note that your progress is recorded in our systems which are then available to your prospective employer to go through while they decide on their shortlist. 

For a job in the Mortgage Industry

A home loans job offers the best balance of satisfaction and challenge in a dynamic industry. Satisfaction in ensuring that a family gets a house to stay in. A Challenge in understanding customer needs and mapping the customer requirements to offerings from your employer and ensuring proper closure of the loan on return of the money.  The industry offers different challenges to each personality.

For Corporate Teams

The Certification for the Mortgage Professional is the complete onboarding program for the executive who will take your products to the customer.

The Certification is delivered through tech as well as non-tech modes – e-learning, virtual classroom and in-person classroom – based on Program Option that you select and the modules you select. The components are plug-n-play; you can select amongst the following for your onboarding program

  • Functional modules – Home loans, Legal Aspects in Collections, Credit Score, Taxation and other modules
  • Regulatory Compliances – KYC, AML, Key Financial Ratios
  • Governance – POSH, Whistle-blower, Code of Conduct, and
  • Productivity modules – MS-Excel for the Fin Executive, E-mail Etiquette modules

These self-paced modules are complemented with Virtual or In-person training from sales veterans from the Mortgage industry, honing your workforce’s skills to meet the challenges of the marketplace. Program delivery is hosted on a powerful Learning Portal on secure Amazon servers managed by an experienced TC DevOps team. With content that is assuredly updated annually; all you need to monitor and control implementation is access to MIS – available online a few keyclicks away.

Select what best suits your needs...


Employment Oriented

  • All E-Learning Courses
  • Access via Mobile & Workstation
  • Learning Management System Plans
  • Objective Tests. Graded Subjective Questions
  • Digital Verification Certificate
  • Duration of Subscription: 180 days


Resource Augmentation

  • Database of immediate deployable resources
  • Access via Mobile & Workstation
  • Functions of Sales, Collections & Support services
  • View Test results + Online interview scheduling
  • Simple & Interactive LMS
  • Enterprise Dashboard for Resource Augmentation

Trainer Profiles

The Certification is designed and developed by established, experienced professionals who specialise in Training. These trainers specialise not only in the subject of the Certification, but also train in key behavioural traits required to be a successful professional in the industry. We have trainers across the country; these deliver the key classroom segments of the Certification either through in-Person training or via Virtual Conferencing software like Zoom, Teams Meet, etc.

Select what best suits your needs...

For Individuals


0 (Inclusive of tax)
  • Demo access to E-Learning Courses
  • Access via Mobile & Workstation
  • Listing of Profile on TC's job portal
  • Duration of Subscription: 15 days


826 (Inclusive of tax)
  • E-Learning Course on Home Loan
  • E-Learning Course for Interview Preparation
  • Access via Mobile & Workstation
  • Objective Test
  • Digital Verification Certificate
  • Listing of Profile on TC's job portal
  • Duration of Subscription: 90 days

For Corporates

For your entry-level recruitment needs

Train & Hire
  • Database of immediate deployable resources
  • Access via Mobile & Workstation
  • Func. of Sales, Collections & Support services
  • View Test results
  • Online interview scheduling
  • Simple & Interactive LMS
  • Enterprise Dashboard for Recruitment of new talent

Prepare your workforce irrespective of location

Corporate Onboarding
  • All E-Learning Courses
  • Access via Mobile & Workstation
  • Customisable Learning Plan
  • Objective Tests
  • Graded Subjective Questions
  • Simple & Interactive LMS
  • Enterprise Dashboard for Teams


The Certificate for Mortgage Professional for a Job Seeker

The Certification for Mortgage Professional prepares you for a career in the Retail Assets industry through programs easily accessible via mobile devices and workstations.

Subscribers seeking jobs in the finance industry have the following subscription plans to select from. Each plan gets you closer to your dream mortgage job, in a location of your choosing. The program gets you closer to being a certified residential mortgage specialist.

  1. Interview Assured: This Plan assures you of an interview with a client/s. Our dashboard of available jobs has the names and logos of the companies who are advertising for the positions they wish to fill.
    • TrainingCentral Solutions publishes the no. of seats for positions with specific Clients. of seats is usually higher than no. of positions vacant with Clients.
    • Pay the subscription fees and complete the CMP Certification.
    • We update the Client on completion of the Certification by you and schedule interviews for the Subscribers with the Client. The interview is conducted via Virtual Classroom. You will receive the instructions for this prior to the interview.
    • Client interviews candidates and offers appointment letters to those who meet their criteria. TC conveys regrets to those who do not pass.
    • TC refunds 50% of the fees over the ‘Employment Oriented’ plan to the subscriber.
    • TC registers the candidate on FinNet.
  1. Employment Oriented: Subscription to this plan assures the subscriber a registration to the exclusive finance industry employment portal FinNet.
    • You pay the subscription fees and completes the Certification.
    • TC registers the candidate on FinNet.
    1. Self-Paced: This plan is to empower and skill the individual to prepare for a career in finance. It is totally self-paced. The tests are objective type and the subscriber gets a digital unique coded certificate on successful completion of the Certification.

Subscribers taking up the Interview-Assured and Employment-Oriented plans get registered on the exclusive finance industry portal (http://www.finnet.co.in). 

If you have any queries on the pricing, duration, components and job prospects, please reach out to us at the contact details provided in this FAQ.

The CMP program teaches you on how to become a mortgage loan officer. The job roles could be that a relationship manager, a certified mortgage advisor, a collections manager, a certified mortgage banker or any of the various roles associated with this industry. Most organisations do not differentiate amongst the various streams. Thus, you could respond to a BCA job vacancy for freshers or jobs for B Com freshers in banks or any other vacancy. As long as you pass the various tests and submit the various practical tests, you will be able to attend the interview.

  1. Register on the site. A login ID & password will be sent to the email ID you’ve specified at the time of registration.
  2. Use this to login and choose the product that you want from the Course Catalogue and add it to your Shopping Cart.
  3. Use the multiple payment options (refer “What are the payment methods available to me?”) to pay for your course and access the courses immediately.

We offer online and offline payment options, both of which are explained below:

Online through TrainingCentral portal: If you want to pay via direct bank debit or credit card, you will be directed to a secure authorization page (via a secure online payment gateway); after authorization and payment, you will receive an e-mail confirmation (receipt of payment). You can then view the courses you have purchased in your account and can start accessing them.

If you wish to pay directly through NetBanking, please mention the order no. in your transaction narration & then mail us the details of the electronic transfer (transaction ID) along with order no.

Name of Account        : TrainingCentral Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Account Details           : Account No – 05412000006999

                                      IFSC code HDFC0000541

HDFC Bank, Bombay Scottish Extension Counter,

Mahim, Mumbai-16

Other details               : PAN No. – AADCT3450B

                                      GST Registration No. – 27AADCT3450B1ZQ

We will email you with a confirmation; you can then login and start accessing your training courses.


  • If you wish to pay via cheque / DD, the following options are available to you:
  • Cheques drawn in favour of “TrainingCentral Solutions Pvt. Ltd.” can be deposited directly into HDFC Bank, account no. 05412000006999. Please mail us the order no. along with the payment details (cheque no., date, amount and Bank location deposited) to enable us to process your requirement.
  • Alternately, you can also mail the cheques to our contact address with the details of your order.

Please write to us at ‘Contact Us’ with your username and details of your order information to enable us to assist you quickly.

Please refer to the refund policy in the ‘Terms of Use’ to understand TrainingCentral’s refund policy.

You can view course content by accessing the Table of Contents & ‘About the Certification’ and also by watching a demo of the course. You can also view sample segments on TrainingCentral Solution’s YouTube channel. The demos showcased are accessible without registration & login. For all other demos, you will need to register yourself on the portal.

We will be launching the Program in Maharashtra for the first phase. Classroom training will be in place in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. Gradually, our objective will be to introduce classroom training in locations like Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, Kolhapur, Aurangabad, Solapur, Jalgaon, Amravati and Nanded. Until that time, the programs will be delivered to these locations and subscribers in all locations through Virtual Classroom technology.

All our courses are available in English as of now. A few of our courses are currently also available in Hindi and Marathi. The translation is available both in the On-Screen-Text and Audio. We can offer courses in other languages as per request from Client.

We are also exploring technology for converting our courseware in many other Indian languages like Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Oriya, Punjabi and Assamese. We are also checking to translate them into International languages like Sinhala and Nepali.

All components of our courses are usually L2. All courses have a voice-over from a pleasant voice artist. The scenarios and case studies may be supported by artist-drawn images. In some of the courses, we may include Level 3 gamification and case studies.

The course is completely online. All components of the course – e-learning courses, tests, subjective tests, classroom – are accessible over your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or workstation. As long as you have a reliable and sturdy broadband connection, you will be able to access all components of the program.

TrainingCentral shares a detailed help support documentation on its portal. Reach out to technical support for any of the below channels –

Through the TrainingCentral Mobile App, click on ‘?’ and select the problem you are facing.

Mail us at techsupport@trainingcentral.co.in.

WhatsApp on +91 91360 14860

Call your support at +91-22-28354860

The CMP program prepares you to take up roles in sales, collections and operations, as per your inclination and the recruiters business needs. TrainingCentral has been servicing clients in the Finance industry since 2009. Please visit an indicative list of our clients here. The program is geared to prepare the subscribers for jobs in banking sector for freshers as well as experienced alike. All clients here are potential recruiters from TrainingCentral programs. Thus, you will find private bank jobs for freshers in our listing. Similar listings are also in pipeline from NBFCs Housing Finance Companies (HFCs) and other organisations. A different segment of employers are mortgage staffing agency, Direct Selling Agencies (DSAs) or direct marketing agencies (DMAs), who service the mainline banking institutions like Banks, NBFCs and HFCs. The recruiters will have full access to your performance during the program. So, keep alert, be active on the program, interact and contribute with your queries, opinions blogs, etc and showcase your skill for the bests placements.

The CMP program has Letters of Intent from various banks, NBFCs and HFCs to recruit on their behalf.

Refer to the section of ‘Jobs in the Mortgage industry’ for a list of roles in the mortgage industry. TrainingCentral clients are reputed players in the industry and are certified ‘Great places to Work’.

Remunerations vary from company to company. These vary from Rs. 2.5 Lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs jobs in the mortgage industry. Some companies might also offer performance-based incentives for the sale and collections functions.

Your details on TrainingCentral’s placement portal include your current location and permanent locations. Recruiters may reach out to you for their positions in your locations and this will increase possibility of employment in your location or close by.

You might have questions on the various concepts, processes, quantitative methods and other material which is part of the Certification. Here is how you can get clarifications on your queries.

  • The Certification has self-paced help videos which take the user through the various key operations to understand the operational aspects. With each
  • There is also a 2-day session on Sales and Collections when industry experts and experienced trainers will be available. You can raise your questions during these sessions.
  • TrainingCentral will arrange on chat sessions and webinar sessions with trainers for responding to questions periodically. Access details will be shared with you to get onto the call and ask your questions.

For further support, users can raise the query through the functionality provided in our mobile App. Users may also send WhatsApp to our support executives or call them for support.

Queries relating to the CMP certification components can be answered by anchor experts which are in place for all courses. You can also raise queries in chat windows for various sessions offered and our trainers will surely respond to them.

If you have any queries with respect to subscription, eligibility, payment options, placement possibilities or any other areas with respect to the Certification, there are a number of options available to you –

Check the various contact options shared on the CMP page here. This also lists the dedicated chats and mobile numbers on which you can call to inquire about the Certifications.

The price of each of course is shared on the Certification page. We have kept the pricing of the plans such that it satisfies the needs of each type of subscriber – the one who wishes to upskill himself/herself, a subscriber who wishes to transition to a promising job in the finance industry and the subscriber who wishes to take the advantage of a specific opportunity with a named client.

Yes, you will get a PDF certificate with the seal of TrainingCentral and a unique verifiable code, which will ensure that any prospective employee can verify its authenticity.

TC Certifications are unique and developed using the latest technology. They are not accredited to any organisation nor are they affiliated to Central Bank, other regulatory organisations or the governments of the respective countries in which they are marketed. All course components are, however, based on document and circulars from respective regulatory authority and cover the important provisions, processes, stakeholders and other aspects related to the title of the course.

We may look for accreditation of our Certifications by reputed universities or institutions in the near future.

TC Certifications have various components. E-learning courses (SCORM standards-based courses) are not downloadable except within the Moodle app. Documents, circulars and files for subjective tests are downloadable. Subjective tests may require you to download content, work on files and upload them as part of your submission. Our courses are developed using the latest technology, which includes interactive graphics, animations etc, due to which printing of the same is not possible.

The starting salary varies from recruiter to recruiter. The following are some of the factors for deciding salaries.

  • Each recruiter has different salary structures based on their policies.
  • Companies often offer different pay scales based on the location where the job is.
  • Incentives plays a strong role in deciding the take-home salary for jobs with strong customer touch-points e.g. sales, collections and so on.
  • Look out for additional features like travel allowance, reimbursement for travel costs for jobs in sales and collections and so on.

Home loan jobs in banks also offer the possibility of cross-function movement as banks also have a large variety of products. Similar advantages also exist in NBFCs.

Accessing Online Courses on the TC Portal

Online Training offers many advantages vis-à-vis the traditional In-persona Instructor Led Training (ILT) – self-paced, anywhere-access, cost-effectiveness. As the offline classrooms are not possible because of current situation, many of the banks and institutes are opting for online training option for more effective and efficient employee training in one go.

Each course has its own duration and schedule. Refer to the course or program details for the duration for which your access will remain open.

For TC’s self-paced courses from TC servers, the validity of user subscriptions is 90 days (or 3 months). Within the subscription period, users can access the courses multiple times even if they have completed the course.

If the course subscription is of the Annual Subscription or Perpetual Subscription (which is for deployment on Client’s own Learning Management System), then the user can access any number of times or as per the access durations/times set by the Client on the LMS.

Yes, since TrainingCentral courses have media-rich content, a broadband connection will ensure that you get the most value out of your course.

If you are accessing the course on the mobile device using TrainingCentral’s customised Moodle App, you should be in a location where there is a good mobile signal. With the Moodle App, you also have the option of downloading segments of the course and accessing offline. This is subject to the space available on your mobile device.

All information you enter into any templates or boxes while you are on-line, gets saved each time you move to another page, so if your computer suddenly shuts down, just start up again, return to your e-learning module/lesson and you will be asked whether you want to continue from where you left off. Select ‘Yes’ and the course resumes from the last stored location.

Various components of the course can be accessed based on program structure.

  • For TC self-paced courses, you can access / view the complete e-learning module multiple times during the validity of the course.
    • Tests associated with these courses can be taken maximum 3 times.
  • For mentored courses (where there is a trainer delivering a lecture via video conferencing), the access to live session is only once. TrainingCentral may offer the recording to view offline too.
  • Tests will be as per the program schedule unless the trainer offers repeat test.
  • Other Learning Aids may be accessed multiple times.

If you have a query on the access for your course, drop us a mail at contact@trainingcentral.co.in and we will revert to you.

Yes, we offer both Training and Certification in the Banking and Financial Services domain. On successful completion of the course and assessment, TrainingCentral will issue downloadable PDF Certificate to you. This Certificate will have a unique code, which can be used by a prospective employer to verify the authenticity of the Certificate.

All courses on TC site with a price-tag on them can be subscribed to via payment gateway. Please get in touch with us through the portal or on contact@rainingcentral.co.in.

Corporate Subscriptions

The CMP Program is launched by TrainingCentral Solutions, an organisation which has been servicing the training needs of corporates in the finance industry for over 14 years. The CMP Program can be of value in two ways –

Onboarding Program – Complete program integrated with TC modules as well as your pre-designed modules for the onboarding and induction of the selected candidates to ensure aligning with your products, philosophy and methodologies of work.

Train-N-Hire (TnH) Program– Our TnH  model provides an active pipeline of skilled personnel for the Sales, Collections and Operations areas of the business. TnH components are

Train (T) – Integrated training program for the graduates in concepts, behavioural and skill-based areas prior to recruitment

Hire (H) – Newtech portal dedicated to finance resources with dashboard with trained resource  distribution across geographies

Access to the programs can be from TC portal, TC-managed white-labelled learning portal.

Any program flow is also structured such that the test for the course is accessible only after the user completes the course. Each Client receives a manager’s access through which the usage dashboard can be accessed to track and analyse access.

Yes. Amongst areas TC has delivered training is in financial literacy and financial education. Our programs can be accessed where there is a decent internet connectivity.

  • Program components can be customised to the product focuses so that only the relevant products will be included.

We plan to extend our programs to multi-lingual delivery using the latest technological developments which facilitate this.

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