1. Why should we go for online training?

Online Training offers many advantages vis-à-vis the traditional In-persona Instructor Led Training (ILT) – self-paced, anywhere-access, cost-effectiveness. As the offline classrooms are not possible because of current situation, many of the banks and institutes are opting for online training option for more effective and efficient employee training in one go.

  1. What is the validity of my subscription? What is the duration of a course or a program?

Each course has its own duration and schedule. Refer to the course or program details for the duration for which your access will remain open.

For TC’s self-paced courses from TC servers, the validity of user subscriptions is 90 days (or 3 months). Within the subscription period, users can access the courses multiple times even if they have completed the course.

If the course subscription is of the Annual Subscription or Perpetual Subscription (which is for deployment on Client’s own Learning Management System), then the user can access any number of times or as per the access durations/times set by the Client on the LMS.

  1. Do I need broadband to access the course?

Yes, since TrainingCentral courses have media-rich content, a broadband connection will ensure that you get the most value out of your course.

  1. What if my computer reboots or if I lose my internet connection midway through e-learning?

All information you enter into any templates or boxes while you are on-line, gets saved each time you move to another page, so if your computer suddenly shuts down, just start up again, return to your e-learning module/lesson and you will be asked whether you want to continue from where you left off. Select ‘Yes’ and the course resumes from the last stored location.

  1. Can I access a course multiple times?

Various components of the course can be accessed based on program structure.

  • For TC self-paced courses, you can access / view the complete e-learning module multiple times during the validity of the course.
    • Tests associated with these courses can be taken maximum 3 times.
  • For mentored courses (where there is a trainer delivering a lecture via video conferencing), the access to live session is only once. The trainer may offer the recording to view offline too.
  • Tests will be as per the program schedule unless the trainer offers repeat test.
  • Other Learning Aids may be accessed multiple times.

If you have a query on the access for your course, drop us a mail and we will revert to you.

  1. Are certificates provided on completion of a course?

Yes, we offer both Training and Certification in the Banking and Financial Services domain. On successful completion of the course and assessment, TrainingCentral will issue a Certificate to you.

  1. How can I know what a course has to offer?

You can view course content by accessing the Table of Contents & ‘About the Course’ and also by watching a demo of the course. You can also view sample segments on TrainingCentral Solution’s YouTube channel. The demos showcased in View Demo->E-learning courses are accessible without registration & login. For all other demos, you will need to register yourself on the portal.

  1. Are your courses available in multiple language?

All our courses are available in English as of now. A few of our courses are currently also available in Hindi and Marathi. The translation is available both in the On-Screen-Text and Audio. We can offer courses in other languages as per request from Client.

  1. What is the level of your courses (L1, L2 or L3)?

Our ready courses are usually L2. All courses have a voice-over from a pleasant voice artist. The scenarios and case studies may be supported by artist-drawn images. In some of the courses, we may include Level 3 gamification and case studies. Inquire for translated versions in Indian languages.

  1. Where can employees ask questions regarding the course?

Courses and portals have self-paced help videos which take the user through the various key operations to understand the operational aspects. For further support, users can raise the query through the functionality provided in our mobile App. Users may also send WhatsApp to our support executives or call them for support.

Queries relating to the courses can be answered by anchor experts which are in place for all courses.

Our courses are also supported by the large expert network accessible from FinNet (http://www.finnet.co.in). This network has over 500 established finance experts in various lines. Should there be any further queries or requirements, we can always reach out to them for their services.

  1. How do I learn the price of a course?

The price of each of course is shown against each course.

  1. Are TrainingCentral courses accredited by any official organisation or to RBI?

TC courses are not accredited to any organisation nor are they affiliated to RBI. Our courses are based on master document and circulars from respective regulatory authority and cover the important provisions, processes, stakeholders and other aspects related to the title of the course. We may include Certification by reputed universities or institutions in the near future.

  1. How are the courses structured and what topics are covered?

Refer to the course page on the website TC website (http://trainingcentral.co.in). Each course is designed with the support of a subject matter expert. Typically, they incorporate the guidelines defined in the respective regulator’s latest circulars and directions. Additional topics covered include concepts, key processes, market trends, reports and other areas.

  1. Can I print/download these courses?

TC courses have various components. E-learning courses (SCORM-based) are not downloadable. Some sections are downloadable. Our courses are developed using the latest technology, which includes interactive graphics, animations etc, due to which printing of the same is not possible.

  1. How are the commercials of the courses structured? How much do they cost?

Our courses are subscribed to by companies for their employees (B2B business). Each organisation has a different structure of subscription. We offer the following options for subscription

  • Per User subscription– for organisations accessing the courseware from TrainingCentral Cloud Servers. TC takes care of deployment, delivery and customer care support.
  • Annual Subscription – Course package that can be installed on the Client’s Learning Management System (LMS). Subscription can be renewed every year and will contain any upgraded content that TC has released.
  • Perpetual Subscription – One-time purchase of Course package to install on your learning management system. Any version upgrade will need to be purchased at additional cost.
  • Subscription to Corporate Library – Employees of a Client can subscribe to courses using LMS-to-LMS integration. This offers subscription to employees on demand after due internal approvals.

Deliverables for complete courses on Client’s LMS are in the SCORM-format packages only.

Reach out to our Business Development executives for the proposal for your requirement. We would be happy to understand your requirements and submit a quote.

  1. How do I track whether the users I assigned have completed the courses?

Each course is set-up so that the learning management system provides the course completion status of the users. The program flow is also structured such that the test for the course is accessible only after the user completes the course. Each Client receives a manager’s access through which the usage dashboard can be accessed to track and analyse access.

  1. Are your courses accessible in the rural areas?

Yes, our courses can be accessed where there is a good internet connectivity. Users can also download the courses using our customised mobile app and access the courses offline once downloaded (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.trainingCentral).. For connecting again to the server, the user needs to be back to where internet is available.

  1. What organisations can benefit course subscriptions?

All organisations that deal with finance would benefit from these courses. Organisations can also sponsor these courses for their employees. These include:

  • Banks
  • Financial Service companies
  • BFSI IT organisations
  • Law Firms
  • Chartered Accountancy Firms
  • BPO and KPO organisations
  • Insurance companies
  • Corporate Finance departments of Companies
  • Financial resellers
  • Brokerages

Persons aspiring for careers in Banking & Finance or those appearing for certifications in these domains would also find these courses helpful.

  1. We already have our own LMS – can we purchase & install some of your e-learning courses on our LMS?

Yes, we do. Reach out to our Business Development team with your requirements and we will share our proposal with you.

  1. How can I enrol in a course? / How do I purchase a course?

You will first need to register yourself on the site. A login ID & password will be sent to the email ID you’ve specified at the time of registration. Once you receive the same, you can login and choose the product that you want from the Course Catalogue and add it to your Shopping Cart. You have multiple payment options (refer “What are the payment methods available to me?”).

  1. I wish to subscribe for myself. I am not a corporate subscriber. Can I subscribe for courses?

We offer online and offline payment options, both of which are explained below:

Online through TrainingCentral portal: If you want to pay via direct bank debit or credit card, you will be directed to a secure authorization page (via a secure online payment gateway); after authorization and payment, you will receive an e-mail confirmation (receipt of payment). You can then view the courses you have purchased in your account and can start accessing them.


  • If you wish to pay via cheque / DD, the following options are available to you:
  • Cheques drawn in favour of “TrainingCentral Solutions Pvt. Ltd.” can be deposited directly into HDFC Bank, account no. 05412000006999. Please mail us the order no. along with the payment details (cheque no., date, amount and Bank location deposited) to enable us to process your requirement.
  • Alternately, you can also mail the cheques to our contact address with the details of your order.
  • If you wish to pay directly through NetBanking, please mention the order no. in your transaction narration & then mail us the details of the electronic transfer (transaction ID) along with order no.

Name of Account        : TrainingCentral Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Account Details           : Account No – 05412000006999

                                      IFSC code HDFC0000541

  HDFC Bank, Bombay Scottish Extension Counter,

  Mahim, Mumbai-16

Other details               : PAN No. – AADCT3450B

                                      GST Registration No. – 27AADCT3450B1ZQ

We will email you with a confirmation; you can then login and start accessing your training courses.

  1. I bought a course, but I do not see it in my courses list.

Please write to us at ‘Contact Us’ with your username and details of your order information to enable us to assist you quickly.

  1. Can I cancel my subscription to a course?

Please refer to the refund policy in the ‘Terms of Use’ to understand TrainingCentral’s refund policy.

  1. Why can’t I launch my Course?

If the demo course doesn’t get launched,

  • Ensure that your browser is of the latest version.
  • Ensure that pop-ups are enabled on your internet browser.
  • Confirm that your internet connection is working and is steady

If it still doesn’t work, write to us at techsupport@trainingcentral.co.in. you can also reach out to us at +91-22-23854860 between 10 am and 6 pm on weekdays.

  1. I have forgotten my Login ID & password. How can I retrieve it?

To retrieve your login information, please select ‘Forgot your password’ on the login page. Enter the e-mail address that you provided when you registered on the site. Your login information will be sent to this registered e-mail within a few minutes.

  1. What does authentication of the TC Certificate mean??

Authentication may typically be required at the time of a job application. In case a prospective employer wants to verify the certificate (check its validity), he/she can email the certificate code to TrainingCentral at contact@trainingcentral.co.in. and TC will confirm the validity of the same.

  1. My email ID has changed since I registered on the site. What should I do?

Login to the site, select ‘Edit My Profile’ under the ‘My Account’ option and enter your new, valid email address in the email field of the form. Select the Submit button at the bottom of the form. A validation email will be sent to your new email address – once you validate the same by clicking on the link, your new email id is saved and any subsequent communication from the site, including password change requests will be sent to this new email address. A mail is also sent to the old e-mail id registered with us intimating of the change.

  1. I didn’t get my registration e-mail. How can I have it re-sent?

If you self-enrolled on the site an email with login and password confirmation was sent to the email address that you specified during the registration process. If the email does not appear in your Inbox

  • Please check your spam folder, to ensure that the e-mail was not accidentally filtered there. To prevent this, we suggest adding admin@trainingcentral.co.in to your e-mail address list.
  • If you still cannot find the registration information, Contact Us to resolve the same.
  1. Do you design custom courses? What level of courses (L1, L2 or L3) do you design?

We offer courses across all three (L1, L2, L3) levels. We also design courses in multiple Indian languages. We can design courses with voice-over using our panel of voice-overs in popular languages. If you have the content ready, we develop your courses through all the phases of production – instruction design, graphic design, audio recording, artwork creation and integration. We use iSpring Suite for the course authoring.

  1. Do you convert PowerPoint files into SCORM format?

Yes, we do. Please reach out to our business development team for more details.

  1. Which tool do you use to design the courses?

We use iSpring Suite for courseware authoring and publishing.

  1. I have written some papers on topics relevant to the site. May I submit the content to be posted on this site?

Please write to us at contact@trainingcentral.co.in with your content attached for consideration. We will review the same and respond to you on next steps.

  1. How can I become a Domain Expert (DE) for TrainingCentral?

To join TrainingCentral as a Domain Expert, please update your details in ‘Contact Us’ under the Contact Form. Alternately, you could register separately as a Domain Expert at http://www.finnet.co.in

  1. What are the services offered to a Domain Expert/Trainer/Consultant on TrainingCentral Portal?

A DE can engage with TrainingCentral courses in one or more of the four following roles:

  1. Course Authoring and Maintenance
  2. Assignment/Project Engagement
  3. Domain Knowledge and update provisioning
  4. Classroom Training
  5. Authoring Case Studies
  6. Writing content under the guidance of a Senior Domain Expert

Please reach out to us at contact@trainingcentral.co.in for more details.

  1. How can I become a Channel Partner with TrainingCentral?

We have developed comprehensive, interactive and productive courses in the Banking and Financial Services domain. We strive to take our products and services to larger and remote markets. As such, we welcome enquiries from dynamic and self-motivated individuals and organizations, who wish to partner with us in our future endeavours. Please write to us using the contact form and we will reach out to you on next steps.

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