Payment Systems – I – Concepts

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Payment Systems – I – Concepts


The number of Online Payments are exponentially increasing in India; demonetisation and the COVID pandemic have given these numbers a fillip. Offline and Online Payment mechanisms are a part of all the transactions and it is important all individuals, be it the executive working in an office or the trader selling his wares or the farmer understand payment systems and how it impacts his/her life.
Professionals who are working with retail and corporate banking can access this course to understand the functioning of payment systems which power the transactions.

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Payment systems have gone through a sea-change over the last four decades. From being a purely paper-based function, this area has undergone a transformation; various factors like technology, change in geo-political structure and globalisation are instrumental for this.
TrainingCentral’s courses in Payments are in 2 parts – Part 1 (this one) addressess concepts. Part 2 talks about advance aspects and non-India implementations.
This course covers the vast array of payment instruments (both paper-based and electronic) as well as the mechanisms of clearing and settlement. The learner is introduced to not only the widely accepted clearing mechanisms like Mobile-based payments, National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) and Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), but also the highly evolved models such as Target2 and Faster Payment Service (FPS). Elements of international payments and the various media for making cross-border payments are also covered.
The legal structure and the capability of a nation to usher change are an important factor for payment system evolution. We also cover the legal structure and aspects associated with Payment Systems.

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