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Go-Sell Mortgage Microlearning


Certification for the Mortgage Professional by TrainingCentral will not only address the mortgage industry concepts, products and various aspects therein but will also cover the various additional functional and non-functional aspects that the professional needs to be knowledgeable about for conducting his / her work in a professional manner.

Additional functional aspects include KYC, AML, Collections, Credit Score, operations, fraud, etc. Non-functional aspects include productivity aspects like MS Excel, communication, selling techniques, and so on.

For a young graduate beginning his / her career in the Mortgage industry, this certification provides the necessary grounding for the role he / she will play at the workplace. The complete certification also has some of the behavioural and compliance related courses which build awareness and understanding in these areas that a prospective employer will look for.

For an executive already working in finance, this certification provides an all-round understanding of various products, policies, and processes in the industry. For the student who is seeking a career in this industry, the certification prepares him / her for the expectations of the workplace and to be productive from the very early days of joining the workplace.

What you’ll get?

  • 18 hours of self-paced e-learning courses,
  • 3 hours of online tests,
  • 2 days of classroom training
  • 5 assignments
  • Subscription Validity is Six Months from enrolment on TrainingCentral Portal
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The mortgage industry is rapidly changing and so are the requirements for professionals in this industry. To stay ahead of the learning curve and advance in the career ladder, it is important to have a certification or degree that can help you in your career.

Go-Sell Mortgage is a Microlearning Program that provides a comprehensive understanding of the mortgage industry while focusing on its sales process.

This program will be beneficial to:

  • Bankers and finance officials who work with mortgages all day long
  • Sales representatives who work independently or in tandem with bankers
  • Real estate agents who sell homes where mortgages were obtained
  • Investment brokers and financial planners who invest in mortgage securities.

Features of Go-Sell Mortgage Program:

  • Microlearning – Each module is of the duration not more than 15 min each
  • Modular – Include or Exclude modules you require. Thus, organisations having or not having Learning Management Systems can deploy this Certification.
  • Customisable to your Company’s/Banks/HFCs/NBFC’s requirement

This program can also be scheduled on demand for a batch of learners who are interested in improving their skills and knowledge of the mortgage industry at a discounted price. Through this certification, new learners will be trained in the features of mortgage products, their technical aspects and sales process.

If you wish to schedule it for your organisation, please share your contact details and the Program Title you wish to be covered at https://trainingcentral.co.in/contact/

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