140628 14-15/005: Financial Programs for the Gems & Jewellry Industry

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A small and fast-growing organisation in the Gems & Jewellery sector has a unique requirement
ClientAn organisation in the Gems & Jewellery sector
RequirementThe Gems & Jewellery sector has been a major contributor to India’s GDP, exceeding 6-7% periodically. In FY 2013-14, the Indian G&J sector contributed to over US$ 34 billion to the country’s foreign exchange earnings.
While the export-oriented market continues to grow, there has also been a sturdy growth in the domestic market.
The industry, however, continues to stick by age-old practices and methods. There is poor understanding of many of the modern features and products in the banking. One reason for this is the poor reach of training to members of this sector.TrainingCentral’s clients would like to structure training in the classroom and online domain, which will provide the players in the industry large & small an option to readily access knowledge on avenues of finance. We are looking for support from a domain expert who has hands-on experience in this sector. The DE should have managed accounts in the sector and should have a deep understanding of the structure, practices and requirements of the sector.
Target AudienceFinance and accounts personnel in large G&J firms, proprietors for smaller firms
LocationFor the classroom session Mumbai;For the online session Not applicable.
Duration,Dates,TimelinesBy 15-Jul, 2014
Doc Link (If Any)NA
Status UpdateNA
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