Fundamentals of Forex

This course is to provide you with knowledge on the Foreign Exchange Fundamentals. At the end of the course, you should have the following capabilities –

  • Demonstrate a command of the knowledge and entities related to the Forex Market and various factors which are critical to them
  • Demonstrate competency in the use of language and terminology appropriate to Forex markets, and
  • Explain your role vis-à-vis the Forex markets at your work place and approach planning of personal finance management in a more informed manner

Prohibition of Insider Trading Regulations – Review

SEBI has formulated the Prohibition of Insider Trading Regulations (PITR) to regulate the dealing in securities by so called ‘Insiders’ so as to provide level playing field for all to deal in securities market in a fair and transparent manner.
This course is for the employee and stake holder for listed companies, who come under the purview of this regulation. The course explains the various sections of the regulation in a simple manner.

This course is a Review Version – This means that it is the same as the Live version, The difference is that the Reviewer can transition the course without the constraints of having to go in a sequential order as is in the Live course.