TCUpdate: Competition and Anti-Trust Policy

Launching the 10th course in TrainingCentral’s Compliance catalogue. Our compliance catalogue is used by companies to ensure awareness of regulatory and governance compliances across the workforce in an effective manner. Reach out to us for details of the compliance courses and other solutions to assist your learning & development strategy.
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TrainingCentral (TC)’s Learning Essentials Catalogues are an effective way to increase skill and awareness in a large workforce at competitive costs. Our Compliance Catalogue ready courses are designed to increase awareness and knowledge in regulatory compliances and Internal governance norms. Designed by top professionals, developed using high-end technical and artwork components, TC products like e-learning, online test, simulations and certifications ensure effectiveness to a corporate training calendar. The courses are periodically updated to reflect changes in regulations, trends, products, stakeholders, cases and other aspects. Inquire with TC at or 022-23854860 to get your own course.
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