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Leadership Simulation Game 

BFSI Leaders (GM and above)/Sr. Consultants and Sr. Instructional Designers

We have received a very interesting and challenging requirement; the client wishes to create a Leadership Simulation game.The description for the requirement is given below. 
Client Immediate Client – a Leading global provider of content solutions
End-Client – One of the Largest International Consulting services provider


The project is a Business Leadership simulation for a Leading Consulting giant. The simulation will place the user in the shoes of a leading executive in a leading bank or financial institution. While the simulation is planned for various strata within the top layer (Top Management, Senior Management and Middle Management) of an organisation, this requirement is for the Middle Management (General Managers) aspect of the game. The learner will be confronted with business dilemmas that the executive will face across his/her career at the bank. The design requires two high calibre professionals

  1. A Senior Management domain expert who has, in short – been there, done that.
  2. A Senior Instructional Design expert who has worked on similar simulation programs.

This simulation will be set over a period of 10-15 years. The simulation will be played across 3 Epochs, with each Epoch lasting over a period of 3-5 years. Each Epoch will pit the user against 4-8 business dilemmas. Decisions by the learner will be based on supplemental information.

Senior Management domain expert will have to submit the business scenarios as well as the supplemental information for this business scenario. Along with this, the domain expert will have to provide supporting information for each option that will include insightful statistics and data.

Senior Instructional Design expert will have to receive input from the Senior Management domain expert and design a storyboard which can get the Graphic Designers and Tech team started. Capability of Tech and GD teams will be shared later.

Both the domain experts will have to support the production team (mainly graphics team) to put the storyboard in production and interface with the clients to give a walkthrough of the storyboard.

Qualifications Senior Management domain expert candidate should be/have been a member of senior management (GM and above) of a mid or large-sized NBFC, Bank or Financial Institution. Alternately, he/she should be an experienced consultant post a rich experienced stint in a financial institution of note. Candidate should have cases along with supplemental information documented in some form of readiness.

Senior Instructional Design expert should have worked on similar assignments for Simulation as well as Leadership areas.

Both candidates should be able to showcase samples to highlight experience in their respective domains.

Location Any City. Domain expert can work own location except for face-to-face meetings that may be required.
Duration, Dates, Timelines Immediate.
Other Details Face-to-face meets may be required with Client and End-Client. Logistics and costs will be borne by client.
Document Not applicable.


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