TC in Mauritius: Debut in process consulting and International assignments in one go!


Debut in Process Consulting and International Assignments at one go!

Our lead consultant travelled to Ebene, Mauritius and re-designed the collections strategy and processes.


The deep and all-round knowledge in TC’s network of domain experts, now numbering more than 400 across 20 Indian cities, is a rich source of advisory services for Banks and Financial Institutions. Coupled with TC’s decade-old experience
in the related area of training, the client receives a package which can be availed with no other service provider or consulting organisation.

For the details description of the assignment, click here.

The assignment was professionally handled and completed within the defined timelines. The positive business outcome of the assignment is already been experienced with better collections and sharper and more effective processes being implemented by the Client’s collection team. TrainingCentral’s Domain Expert network has been very useful in identifying the right consultant for this assignment and we complement them for this.”

Mr. Pingali Chandrashekhar

CEO, ICube Consortium – Singapore

TrainingCentral specialises in content design and delivery of training in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance domain. We set-up and maintain learning portals, provide our ready products in E-learning (technical
and compliance titles), Certifications and Tests. We take out-sourced responbility for custom classroom trainings and certifications to be delivered across the country based on content developed centrally. We host
the portal and many other corporate learning portals through which subscribers and employees can access e-learning
courses in topics across Banking, Finance and related sub-domains.For more information or if you have any inquiries regarding the various ways in which you can participant in the domain expert activities,or if you have any queries, please mail the dedicated e-mail
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