161130: DEUpdate: Anywhere: Market Research Study of the Bank Guarantee Market in India (16-17/008)


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Greetings from TrainingCentral! Calling Trade Finance experts! We have been engaged by an International Bank exploring business prospects in India for the following requirement.
Client An International Bank Exploring Business Prospects in the Trade Finance market in India

The bank wishes to engage with Trade Finance Experts with extensive experience in and understanding of the Indian Trade Finance market, with special focus on Bank Guarantees.

Key Objectives of the Research Study are

  1. Conduct an analysis of the bank guarantee market conditions, its capacity; evaluation of market trends (from the point of view of bank guarantees).
  2. Conduct a review of central and state government e-procurement procedures from the point of view of bid bonds, performance bonds, integrity pacts and advance payment guarantees.
  3. Review of regulatory guidelines, mechanisms of central and state government regulation.
Qualifications Trade Finance Domain Expert with deep experience of the Indian market, players, market share, processes and potentials
Location Anywhere. Location not relevant
Duration,Dates,Timelines Assignment is expected to start in Dec, 2016.
Doc Link (If Any) Trade Finance Bank Guarantee Research for more details
Status Update Keep checking here..


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