170223 DEUpdate: Training session on Checks and Balances on Research Report writing as per SEBI (Research Analyst) Regulations,


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Greetings from TrainingCentral! The training on Forensic Accounting Interviewing Technique was successfully conducted by DE302. While formal feedback is awaited, the training session was well received.
A Mumbai-based brokerage house and research organisation has reached out to TrainingCentral for the following requirement.
Client One of the top financial institutions (FI) in India with offerings in Brokerage, Capital Markets and Financial Services


The FI wishes to conduct a training in-house for the team which reviews, edits and publishes Research Reports to be in line with the SEBI (Research Analysts) Regulations, 2014.
It is important to understand how the SEBI regulation applies to business. e.g. the Research Analyst regulation mandates that the source of the information should be stated in the report. So if the report attributes some information to an anonymous source, this is not allowed. The production team (which proof-reads, edits and finalises the report before it is published to the clients) should be aware of the dos and don’ts – what needs to be there in a report and what is not permitted.

This team is the target audience. They should be strong enough to publish what is allowed and remove what is not. Knowledge and understanding the application of the SEBI (Research Analyst) regulation is key.

Qualifications Knowledge and experience in Research Report Structure, the SEBI Regulation and experience in the edits function of a Brokerage Team would be important.
Location Not relevant. DE could be based anywhere. Training will be conducted in Mumbai
Duration,Dates,Timelines Session proposed to be conducted next week (week of 27 Feb, 2017).
Doc Link (If Any) NA
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