Breathe Life into Your Flash-based E-learning Assets and Increase L&D ROI

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Breathe Life into Your Flash-based 
E-learning Assets and Increase L&D ROI

Companies have invested crores of rupees in e-learning courses over the years. Until a few years ago, Adobe Flash was the industry standard in e-learning course development. But, the rapid spread of mobility and tablets sounded the death-knell of Flash; Flash technology is not supported on mobile devices. E-learning related software and authoring tools are also upgrading to improve learning experience. The new standard of publishing content on devices and screens is HTML5.

Most Authoring Tools have stopped supporting Flash technology.

Does this mean courses which the company had developed over several years are now useless? Can they be upgraded to new tech? Is all you have is a zip file that makes up the e-learning course? Missing the original files as the small vendor who created the course is no longer around?

 Reach out to us for our Flash to HTML5 Conversion Service

TrainingCentral presents you a unique offering for converting your Flash courses to their HTML5 equivalent. With our unique value-add of rich experience in BFSI content to enrich your courses further!

   Just share the zip file and all supporting files that make up your e-learning course and we will  convert it into its HTML5 equivalent
   Opt for value-added curated content to update your course and incorporate changes like revised circulars, guidelines and processes
   Share enhancements  that you want to include in the new version
   Shift to technology which will never make your courses obsolete. Edit your courses yourself by purchasing the authoring tool license
   Audio-enable your courses in a cost-effective manner using Cloud-based and AI-based audio generation
The TrainingCentral Flash to HTML5 E-learning Conversion Service uses the latest technology elements for converting your learning assets. Some of the additional features of this Service are –

  • We use licensed iSpring Suite Authoring Tool, which makes your courseware easily accessible in Powerpoint format so that you can edit it at your end any time.
  • Need to modify the text in your course? Just change the content in your Powerpoint files and send it to us for compilation for a nominal fee.
  • Expect to have intense and frequent changes to the content? Purchase an iSpring Suite license from us. We are iSpring’s foremost resellers in India.
  • Have a large volume of courseware to convert? Inquire on the bulk rate for conversion.

Start recovering your courseware today! E-mail us on or call 022-23854860 today!

TrainingCentral specialises in content design and delivery of training in the Banking, Finanacial Services and Insurance domain. We set-up and maintain learning portals, provide our ready products in E-learning (technical and complaince titles), Certifications and Tests. We take out-sourced resonsibility for custom classroom trainings and certifications to be delivered across the country based on content developed centrally. We host the portal and many other corporate learning portals through which subscribers and employees can access e-learning courses in topics across Banking, Finance and related sub-domains.

Reach out to us via e-mail to or call 022-23854860 for more information.

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