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TrainingCentral is initiating an assignment for designing content for the Credit Processing Assistants (CPAs) of a leading NBFC. We invite Domain Experts who have worked in this function to join the team for the assignment. 
Client A leading NBFC

The Credit Processing Assistant (CPA) is the right-hand man of a Credit Underwriter/Credit Officer in any Loan Product organisation – be it retail or corporate. Each credit proposal goes through pre-processing by the CPA before the Credit Underwriter carries out the Credit Appraisal for a go-no-go. Hence, it is important for the CPA to given the correct trainingin order to ensure that the interpretation, initial analysis and assigning of values to financial various parameters in the organisation’s systems and the case file take place quickly and correctly.

We are looking to develop the training content for the CPA of a Retail and Corporate Asset NBFC and are looking for a domain expert who will design the content. Basic content, including case studies, parameters, check-lists, etc  will be provided by the Customer. As this might require interaction with the Business Heads of the NBFC, it is important that the candidate be from Mumbai. We also expect to conduct a TTT for their internal trainers after the content is delivered and signed-off.


Qualifications Domain Expert should have experience in Credit Analysis for retail and corporate loans, in Banks, Financial Institutions and NBFCs, etc. He/she should be aware of the steps in due diligence prior to the Credit Appraisal. Writing only

•   DE should be adept at Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and P&L Analysis.

•   DE should be Mumbai-based

•   DE should be aware of the KYC, Business and other documentation which should be part of the due diligence.

Commercials will be discussed with interested DEs.



Duration,Dates,Timelines Assignment starts 16 Aug, 2016. Hence, the requirement is urgent. We expect the assignment to extend through August and September.
Doc Link (If Any) The document with tentative course structure will be shared with interested DEs
Status Update Keep checking here..


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