TrainingCentral Program Helps RCF and RHF achieve First Time Right (FTR) of 95% in Six Months

The TC CPA Program Helps RCF and RHF achieve First Time Right (FTR) of 95% in Six Months

Internal analysis conducted by TC client Reliance Commercial Finance (RCF) showed trends which were disturbing. First Time Right (FTR) percentage was in the abysmal 70s. For an industry where TAT is an important competitive differentiator, this could have a serious business impact. Most studies pointed out to an urgent need to increase knowledge in concept and documentation and skills in the preliminary assessment of the financials by the Credit Processing Assistants (CPA) – the crucial team that pre-processes document and financial data and prepares it for the Credit Underwriter to take a call on the loan application.

RCF called in TC, a trusted training support vendor since 2009, to design a training program which to increase knowledge levels and increase the team’s understanding of financial documents.

TC’s Program on CPA Training was rolled out in November 2016 with a batch in Mumbai followed by pan-India training for other CPA teams. By Mar 2017, FTR %age increased to whooping 95%!

Product – Certification Program for Credit Processing Assistants (CPAs) at Reliance Commercial Finance and Reliance Home Finance

  • Target Audience – All the CPAs supporting the Credit Underwriting Process
  • Training Mode & Duration – Classroom; 3 days
  • Unique features
    • Building on the Client’s zero-error First Time Right (FTR) with suggestions of incorporating the concept into the program.
    • Module to enable internal Credit Underwriters to provide program support, quick tips and guidelines.
    • Structured program with case studies of live cases (as received from client) to resolved during the training.
    • Adaptability to local cases, exercises to ensure relevance of content.
  • TC delivery
    • Training content inclusive of PPT, Trainer’s Guide, Participant’s Guide, case studies in the form of financials (for individual, companies and SEP/SENP customers)
    • Train-the-Trainer workshop for Credit Underwriters and CPA Managers from across the country (Dec, 2016, Mumbai).
  • Roadmap going forward
    • Project taken under Lean Six Sigma initiative in the company for its potential to increase operational efficiency in operations.
    • Roll-out of the program with initial roll-outs expected in two western states.
    • Whether TrainingCentral is expected to continue to support the program – Yes, the Client has requested TC to participate in roll-out execution across regions.

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TrainingCentral (TC) Compliance Courses compliance courses are a cost-effective way for an organisation to ensure regulatory compliances and Internal governance norms.
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