140628 14-15/009: E-mail Etiquette in the finance industry

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TrainingCentral continues to expand its course catalogues. The course discussed below is for its Compliance courses catalogue for the Banking and Finance domain.
Client Internal
Requirement Articulation is key!

With e-mail communication permitting an employee to respond within the next minute, it is important that his/her mail responses and structuring be based on a defined thought-process. In banking and finance, this is more so, as the written word can have severe implications.

This requirement is across levels. As an individual transitions levels, email audience can differ that addressed in a previous role and it becomes all the more important that the employee be conscious of the importance of structuring mail communication properly.

We believe that the content for such a course should be industry-relevant and hence, we invite faculty with experience in the banking and finance industry who conducts regular training in this important skill to support us in designing and creating content for this course.

Target Audience The target audience is across the levels in a bank or any financial institution.
Location Not Applicable
Duration,Dates,Timelines To close domain expert identification by 15-Jul, 2014
Doc Link (If Any) Refer our current catalogue of Compliance Courses here Compliance Course catalogue
Status Update NA
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