140628 14-15/008: KYC AML Courseware upgrade

DE Bulletin Board (DEBB) Updates
TrainingCentral continues periodic update to its courses across online and face-to-face medium. This could include an
update as well as addition to existing course-ware and tests. We are looking to update our KYC and AML courses
and add to the current question bank
Client Internal
Requirement Know your Customer (KYC) is an important banking procedure that enables Banks to understand their customers better by verifying the customer’s true identity and the nature of financial transactions expected in dealing with the customer. KYC is the guiding principle behind Anti-Money Laundering (AML) measures.

Our offerings in Compliance Courses include –
  • E-learning courses in KYC and AML. Separate versions exist for Banks and NBFCs.
  • Learning tools, including multiple components like e-learning courses, documents to read and objective question-based tests. We would also like to include games and any other interesting learning tools which will make the learning interesting of the user.
We are looking for domain expert support fora. Content to create two additional variants
  • For the Micro-finance Institution (MFI) Industry
  • For the Insurance Industry
b. Case studies in KYC and AML
  • Real-life cases
  • Fraud cases
c. Question banks
  • Objective questions
  • Subjective questions

We already have question banks. The assigned DE will be provided access to these, so that there is no duplication.

Target Audience Employees in the respective sub-domains mentioned above.
Location NA
Duration,Dates,Timelines To close domain expert identification by 15-Jul
Doc Link (If Any) Refer our products in KYC and AML in the Compliance Course catalogue
Status Update NA
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