TCUpdate: Cross-Functional Certification for Credit Underwriters in the NBFC Industry


A Cross-skilling Certification for the Credit Underwriters in Retail Assets

For a multi-product NBFC, it is imperative that there be as much fungibility within a expertise-level as possible to quickly meet demands of resourcing and to decrease cost of acquisition from the market.

TrainingCentral client is a leading NBFC with multiple retail asset products in the commercial loans business. The client wished to ensure cross-product resource inter-changeability amongst the crucual credit-underwriter function i.e. it should be possible for a credti underwriter executive from ‘SME Risk’ to seamlessly move to ‘Infrastructure Lending’ group.

TrainingCentral, in conjunction with the client, designed a four-phase 12-week certification which ensured that a credit underwriter gained a deep understanding of the credit framework of a parallel product in the company’s bouquet of products.

The unique program also ensured that the knowledge gained from the certification wouldn’t get absolete over time.
The certification structure required the participant to go through a structured program of 4 phases. The complete program can be hosted on TrainingCentral’s versatile Learning Portal, with complete monitoring and control with the company’s Learning team.
Powerful features of the training include-

  • A ready resource already atuned to the company’s risk policies and expectations
  • Deployment of internal expertise as faculty, with the TrainingCentral’s panel of experts as back-up.
  • Meeting aspirations of internal risk executives for cross-skilling and up-skilling
  • Blended mode of delivery ensured strong interest, simultaneous multi-geography certification roll-out and robust MIS
  • Cost-effective training program due to optimal usage of internal content, OJT and technology for achieving scale
  • TrainingCentral products of ready e-learning courses, learning systems and multi-location training to ensure program success

Business Benefits

The NBFC reads tangible benefits through the program, the largest ones being extending the pool of ready resources for the underwriters for a particular product and savings in sourcing the required skills from the market. The second clear advantage being providing a lateral and upward career path for all-round excellence within the product suite within their organisation.

TrainingCentral role in the certification

TrainingCentral provided the following key role in this certification

  1. Ready e-learning courses for initiating the certification. The well-structured and designed e-learning courses in niche areas of Credit Risk and Foundations in specific retail asset products meant that the participants can revisit their fundaments in that product credit risk approach.
  2. Ability to structure multi-stage certification events using automated (e.g. ready tests) and semi-automated (e.g. case study submission and evaluation by domain experts)
    1. Different grading structures for various milestones within the certification
    2. Workflow for evaluating the case studies submitted by scores of participants across the country
    3. Electronic certificate design and design on meeting the passing criteria
  3. Classroom training in various locations as back-up to the company’s internal experts, so that a synchronised training can take place in a time-bound manner.
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