The First Multi-State Co-operative Bank Customer
Goes Live With TrainingCentral Products
TrainingCentral’s client is a fast-growing Co-operative Bank, with plans to increase its branch presence by at least 30% in the coming year. Hence, training the existing and expected new staff is critical to its training strategy.This month, the Bank took a pioneering step in introducing online learning using TrainingCentral’s ready products and solutions. Now, each staff member across branches can avail of centrally managed training programs.
States where the Bank has its branches(Click on the figure to know more about TrainingCentral LMS Hosting services)
Right away, the Bank has made a beginning; staff across all the branches will be trained in KYC and AML by the end of June, 2013. Other TrainingCentral courses are expected to be rolled out thereafter.
Powerful features of our offerings in training –¬†

  • A complete out-source of set-up, operations and content for its training portal
  • The largest Test Centre for assessing staff on knowledge in various domain areas
  • Unique Online Ready Products in Compliance and Technical Training
  • Program Roll-out in line with the Bank’s technical capacity¬† through Phased Roll-out
  • Ready and Customisable program structures e.g. Induction Program, Management Training Program
  • Ready Banking and Insurance certifications preparation kits for their staff
  • Integrated classroom and blended programs delivered at Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities
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