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TrainingCentral seeks trainers in Mumbai for a 1-day training program in Early Warning Indicators for the SME segment for a leading Private Banking as below:
Requirement: This program is for SME devision of a leading Private Sector Bank. Bankers with a strong experienced in the Micro to SME segment in NBFCs/Banks woudld be required to cover the following aspects of Early Warning Indicators for the SME segment

  • To assist Credit Risk managers to understand qualitative and quantitative indicators for early stage problem in a SME account
  • The Early Warning process  – suggested process for internal action
  • Evaluation of Possible Actions to assist client resolve temporary cash flow issues
  • MIS Structures

Special Emphasis on Trader, Services and Manufacturing segments

Who may apply As described above. .
Location Mumbai
Duration 1 Days
Dates June, 2015
Other Details Content to be provided by Trainer.
Status Update Meeting dated 16-Jun – We are in discussions with the client on the unique structure.The discussion focused on the requirement for SME Risk + Effective CAM Writing exercise. This will be followed by the subjective case-study based assessment, wherein the participants will download the cases assigned to them and submit the same for the grading by TC Domain Experts.

The client also requires pre and post case-study based assessment of the participants.

Some of the key points of the discussion are –

1. Use Client’s CAM format for large and small ticket cases, as part of the online CAM model
2. Identify the key inclusions/descriptions which need to be looked at in the proposal along with head, SME Credit (to validate the score card parameters)
3. Mapping the supply chain of sectors, and bringing live the strength of the members of the supply chain
4. Incorporate the outcome of pre-training case analysis into the classroom session, and emphasize those critical areas for improvement

DE Network Update
Often, we share the profiles on a no-name basis on query from prospective customers. The profiles shared are those in our records, which might be outdated.Should you have any updates to your profile (added to experience, certifications, clients serviced), please send the same across to domainexpert@trainingcentral.co.in so that we can update the same in our records.
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