150507 DEUpdate (15-16/009) – Credit Card Regulations in the US

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TrainingCentral seeks trainers in Mumbai for a 1-day training program in Credit Card Regulations in the US for our client in IT Products as below:
Requirement: The client requires coverage of all Credit Card-related Regulations in the US, their changes in the recent months and the impact on the industry due to the same.
Who may apply Trainer should have an in-depth knowledge on the US regulations in this domain and should be in a role where it is important to track the changes therein.
Location Pune, NCR
Duration 1 Day
Dates Post June, 2015
Other Details Content to be provided by Trainer.
Status Update N/A
DE Network Update
Often, we share the profiles on a no-name basis on query from prospective customers. The profiles shared are those in our records, which might be outdated.Should you have any updates to your profile (added to experience, certifications, clients serviced), please send the same across to domainexpert@trainingcentral.co.in so that we can update the same in our records.
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