150908: DEUpdate: AnyCity: Content support for designing 6-month Banking Employability Program (15-16/012)

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TrainingCentral has embarked on a roadmap of medium-term certification development (>100 hours and <400 hours). We seek support from our panel of domain experts (which now numbers more than 300 across 17 cities of the country!), to support us in this endeavour. We would like to invite domain experts as per the details below :
Requirement TrainingCentral proposes to build certifications in Banking, Finance and related domains. Integrated with our a large asset base of ready online content and our strength in building a blend of classroom and technology-based programs, we propose to design certifications unique in their content and effectiveness. In each program, we wish to include syllabus and technology which will provide the student an all-rounded and practice-based knowledge which will help him get placed in Industry.
Seeking faculty with the following profile We propose to form Title-specific Certification Councils (CC) to support design and continued evolution of the any program. e.g Banking Certification-related CC, Retail Assets-related CC, Financial Inclusion-related CC, etc. We propose to invite experts with extensive practical experience in operational aspects of banking and financial institutions. The CCs will work cohesively with program for its continued evolution in syllabus and components.

  • The CC will work closely with TC to finalise the course in various formats of certifications.
  • The CC will communicate periodically for reviewing the developments in the industry, change in the content, etc. Change Management will be a key objective of each CC.
  • CC may also support assessment of the subjective tests which may be part of the courseware.
  • A key criteria for the certification content is that the content is latest and with a strong emphasis on operations items, operational software simulation, deviation processes, documentation, fraud and compliance.
We invite CC members for our flagship Banking Certification. Domain Experts who have extensive experience in Retail Banking, with hands-on working as operations management and branch management are invited.
Location Anywhere. We can work through e-mail, skype and phone call. Over almost a decade, we have managed this process fairly well. Domain Expert may require to travel to Mumbai for discussions with other Certification Council members at Key Milestones, if required. This travel expense will be borne by TC.
Duration 8-10 weeks initially, Thereafter potentially on annual contract basis.
Dates Immediate
Other Details We are looking at sample content from the training partner as per the specifications provided above. For an understanding of our approach for this program, please click here for a PPT on the same.
Status Update …..
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