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TrainingCentral has been approached by a leading training content technology provider for the requirement as below 
Client TrainingCentral client is a leading e-learning courseware developing company catering to requirements from International organisations. The end-client is an international conglomerate in Industrial products, Engineering and other product categories.
The courseware being developed by the organisation is for their various international offices to get them on the same page with respect to their accounting and IFRS-related standards and guidelines.

The Domain Expert is expected to provide content support, interpreting ready content for the courseware development, review and feedback process. The requirement is as follows –

  • a. Identify the sections from the Client Source document for identified topics (refer the document provided in the link below) and re-articulate/simplify for client Instructional Designer (ID). If needed, DE will augment the content with additional relevant examples. Follow-up with a call to walk the ID through the document. In rare cases where the content on some titles is less, DE may need to complement the content with own content with own researched content.
  • b. Provide questions (Check Your Knowledge) – for a 15-minute course (check document link below), that would be around 5-6 final questions and 2-3 intervening questions. Longer courses (30 min or 45 min) would have proportionately more questions. However, whether a module warrants questions to be created is a call the DE can can propose.
  • c. Respond to queries from the ID as he/she is preparing the course storyboard (SB).
  • d. Review the completed SB.
  • e. Review feedback on the SB that is received from the client and respond/close them.

Domain Experts interested in this assignment may get in touch with us for additional data and samples.

Qualifications Professionals who have experience in accounting and specifically IFRS accouunting would be most appropriate for the assignment.
Location As DE can work from remote, this isn’t a constraint.
Duration,Dates, Timelines You should revert to us with your interest by 4 Jan, 2016
Doc Link (If Any) TC_TitlesForCoursewareDevelopment
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