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TrainingCentral is seeking domain expert for an assignment which will include a short 2-3 day travel to Dubai. The description  of the requirement is given below 
Client End-client is a Persian Gulf-based Petrochemical Giant

TrainingCentral has been approached for Domain Expert (DE) support for a unique assignment – requirements capture and design of a training program for the corproate finance function in a large petrochemical giant in the Arabian Gulf.

The end-client has a complex and unique operating model (which is different from traditional business models). 70-75 subsidiaries, JVs and other associate organisation add to the complexity. As a result, new finance employees to the organization often find it difficult to grasp the intricacies of the financial transactions. Even expereinced employees recruited laterallly find the operational model, terminology and processes unique to the company.

This end-client proposes to conduct a special two-day workshop where senior finance officials from end-client company will share the operational model, challenges faced by employees and their expectations from a the training program. After going through the proposed training program, employees should be more confident of their tasks and feel empowered to take on higher responsibilities.

TrainingCentral has been approached by a Training Technology Services Provider (TSP) to identify a DE for this workshop. TC DE should attend the workshop at Dubai and on return, create an outline of the course along with course objectives and teaching methodology. This will form the basis for the TSP’s proposal to the end-client.

Qualifications Domain Expert should be the person with strong finance experience, preferably with CA + some other professional qualification and industry experience. Knowledge of the structure of the CMA or CPA program structure will be an added benefit. Experience in long duration (1-year) training program design and delivery will be an added qualification.DE should have a valid passport.
Location Dubai for a 2-3 day workshop and thereafter at DE’s base location for preparation of deliverables.
Duration,Dates,Timelines Tentative dates are 15, 16, 17 Mar, 2016.
Doc Link (If Any) None
Status Update Click here to check status on this Assignment (to be uploaded)


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