TCUpdate: Is your source of BFSI consultants, trainers and freelancers limited to Word-of-Mouth?


Warm Greetings and a belated Happy Diwali!

The lights, sweets and festivities of Diwali are just past! It is the time of new beginnings, time to usher in better practices for a prosperous future.

For over a decade now, TC has delivered unique approaches to traditional challenges in training to the BFSI Industry. TC is synonymous with innovative tech-based learning solutions. TC today hosts perhaps the largest repository of courses, knowledge-base and solutions in BFSI training. We also host the largest network of BFSI professionals in India and overseas, with rich experience in training and consulting.

To provide more efficient access to this invaluable resource, TC is building a unique offering to bring to you the best of the best under one roof! Here is what is on the way this winter –


•  The World at the click of a Mouse -Specialised portal with a powerful search for high-calibre experts 
•  Incisive training programs using best both worlds – experienced classroom talent complemented by TC’s proven learning tech capabilities 
•  Cost optimisation through competitive bids for your assignments 
•  International resources within easy reach 
•  TC’s proven project management and escrow payment structure to mitigate delivery risk. 

To design the offering geared to your needs, we request insights in your purchase considerations. Please provide detailed input so that the portal represents your needs effectively. None of the questions are mandatory.


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Should you have any queries, feel free to reach out to me directly. Thank you in advance!


With warm regards,

​​​​​Manoj Navalkar

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