DEUpdate: Content Writer for course Concepts in Lending – Retail and Corporate (14-15/021)

DE Bulletin Board (DEBB) Updates
TrainingCentral is designing a comprehensive certification in Credit Underwriting and Risk for a leading NBFC. Towards
building the courseware for the same, we have the following requirements –
Client Banks and Financial Services Organisations
Requirement Content Writers.
We are looking for fresh MBAs who are into credit underwriting or credit risk function within a bank or a financial institutions, to articulate the content provided in various forms. Content will be provided in the form of PPTs or notes. The candidate will also be expected to strengthen the content through own research and experience.
Experience expectations The candidate should have the following qualifications-An MBA from a Tier 1 or Tier 2 institutions, 1-5 years experience in credit underwriting, corporate banking or retail asset bank or financing company
Location NA
Duration,Dates,Timelines NA. We propose to create the courseware by Jan 31, 2015.
Doc Link (If Any) NA
Status Update


DE Network Update
Policy for selection of Domain Experts for customer requirementsWhere there are multiple DEs who revert back on their ability to support TC in the customer-initiated assignment, we forward the DE’s profile. We also assess any other DE (e.g. a DE not based in the location where the training is required) and interact with that DE on his/her inclination to participate in the assignment.
For all assignments, we follow certain do’s and don’ts

  • We share initial profiles only on a no-name basis.
  • We do not share the client’s name with the DE network until the lead has matured to a level or there is a call or a face-to-face meeting requested by the client with the DE.
  • We do not share the name of the DE unless we have the DE’s go-ahead for the same. This we do after sharing the client name with the DE.

Past interaction, quality of content, timeliness and customer satisfaction is an important criteria in re-engaging with the DE.

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