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E-Mail Etiquette @ the Workplace
Build Your Own Custom Course
We are at the drawing board to design our new compliance course E-Mail Etiquette @ the Workplace. And we invite
you to join us in designing it!
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E-mail etiquette is no longer a good-to-have individual trait; it is a key customer touch-point and has impact on operational risk. And the situation will only get more complicated. The number of e-mails an executive sends or receives is expected to increase 20% over the next 2 years.ReadyE-Learning courses could exclude key components your organisation needs. Hence, we wish to develop this course with you.While the course structure (refer the link here for table of contents) will remain the same, we welcome input from you on such important components, such that while we design our courses, a ready customised version is ready for your organisation too. You can requisition custom-built inserts into the course at the onset itself. When we go live, your version goes live too!Your contributions can be in any of the forms below –
The course is scheduled to go live in Jan, 2015. Call us at 022-23854860 or email us at
With Warm Regards,The TrainingCentral Team
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