DEUpdate: Chennai: Classroom faculty for Accounting & Finance (14-15/025)

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Our program for Induction Training in Banking and Accounts has gained acceptance and positive feedback with our clients. We thank our network of domain experts for supporting us. We are looking at engaging with domain experts for the classroom sessions for multiple sessions over the coming year. We request response from the DEs for this requirement as below –
Client Banking and Finance Software Product Organisation
Requirement The training program is aimed to give the participants a basic training in Accounts. Broadly, the following are the areas of training for this area

  • Definition and scope of accounting standards
  • Basic Accounting Books and Registers
  • Essentials of Preparating Final Accounts
  • Final Book of Accounts
  • Accounting Entries particular to the Banking Industry

TrainingCentral’s delivery of training in Banking & Finance includes our proprietary books, standardized classroom training and on-line tests and exercises (post-classroom).

We invite DEs from the Location mentioned below for this assignment. DEs who have used engaging and innovative approaches can provide input on these methods.

DEs keen to take up this assignment are requested to share

  • their latest profile and
  • propose faculty fees for 10 to 20 classroom days spread over a year
Target Audience Technologists and functional team members, with 0-5 years experience.
Location Chennai
Duration,Dates,Timelines We invite proposals from faculty/Domain Experts to engage in the program for 5-10 sessions of 2 days each over the coming year.
Doc Link (If Any) TC_CourseStru_Accounting & Finance
Status Update Inviting Faculty Nominations
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