IDFC Bank: Training For Joint Liability Group (JLG)

IDFC is one of the latest banks to be launched in India under a scheme where the Central Bank is permitting organisations with strong financials and a good management to set-up bank. A key condition was that the banks open a percentage of their branches in the rural areas. IDFC Bank initiated its offerings with the Joint Liability Group (JLG) Loans in central India. Under the JLG model, banks and financial institutions give small loan (not exceeding USD 750) to individuals who form groups called JLGs. The responsibility of repayment of each individual’s loan is on the group. Members take loans for starting their own income-generating ventures.  

    • Target Audience: Regional Officers; typically, with 10 to 12 years of formal education.

    • Our delivery: Designed of the complete program on JLG for the new bank executives who would be selling and servicing the product in through the branches of IDFC Bank.

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