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Multi-Lingual Induction and Process Training for Suryoday Microfinance


Target Audience New Employees with Vernacular Education – 12th standard or graduates. Tier 2, 3 cities.
Program pre-requisites Access to online portal through dependable internet link, sound card enabled.
Business Objective Suryoday MF works in the low income segment, offering unsecured loans to women. The ‘Relationship Officer’ (RO) plays a pivotal role in ensuring financial discipline in the members of various groups and ensuring monthly collections and thus a high %age of recovery.To ensure this, it was important that Suryoday MF ensure that the ROs have uniform training immediately on joining, so that they are able to understand the rigour of the processes in the company. As the ROs (and Audit Officers, others) are recruits from Tier 2, 3 cities with limited grasp on English.Through the solution designed by TrainingCentral, the ROs can now select the language in which they wish to take the course. This ensures higher effectiveness of training, making the front-line employees well-equipped to carry out their tasks in the field.
  1. About the Microfinance Industry
  2. About Suryoday MF
  3. Processes within the organisation
Duration 5 hours+
About TrainingCentral TrainingCentral Solutions Private Limited is an organisation focused on design and development of solutions in the Banking, Finance and Insurance domain. For the Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy areas, TrainingCentral has designed and developed programs which are being used by the regulator for implementing financial literacy across the country. A powerful custom courseware development capability and online courseware hosting program are valuable in designing program across media and actually taking it to implementation.Our programs for nation-wide delivery include the SHG program and the Business Correspondent and Business Facilitator (BC/BF) for the Indian Banking Regulator. We maintain the portals for organisations with multi-lingual content; these include the portals for FINO[1] and for Suryoday Microfinance[2].
About Suryoday Suryoday MicroFinance is a leading player in the Micro-finance domain. More details can be accessed from their portal at has availed of the following services from TrainingCentral

  1. Custom Courseware creation
  2. Learning Management System Hosting




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