Training for the Bandhus (Business Correspondents) – Follow The Student

Training for the Bandhus (Business Correspondents) – Follow The Student


Target Audience Business Correspondents/Business Facilitators in the microfinance domain, who conduct operations along the guidelines as mandated by RBI. Buss. Correspondents are educated to 12 standard or graduation, potentially in vernacular medium.
Pre-requisites Different media will require different Program pre-requisitesClassroom – 10-day classroom training across functional, technical and behavioural courses

Online learning – access to workstation with a stable internet connection

Mobile – a mobile phone with 1 MB storage space and which can render course content designed in Java

Business Objective Business Objective of the program implementations were –

  • Geographical reach in a cost-effective manner
  • Centralized control over course content, distribution and quality
  • Ease of update and roll
  • Regionalisation
  1. Functional basics in Banking and Finance
  2. Products and Processes for FINO and customers
  3. Behavioural courses

All the above courses in multiple languages

Duration Classroom – 10 daysOnline learning – over 8 hours

Mobile reference guide – as per the products and services

About TrainingCentral TrainingCentral Solutions Private Limited is an organisation focused on design and development of solutions in the Banking, Finance and Insurance domain. For the Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy areas, TrainingCentral has designed and developed programs which are being used by the regulator for implementing financial literacy across the country. A powerful custom courseware development capability and online courseware hosting program are valuable in designing program across media and actually taking it to implementation.Our programs for nation-wide delivery include the SHG program and the Business Correspondent and Business Facilitator (BC/BF) for the Indian Banking Regulator. We maintain the portals for organisations with multi-lingual content; these include the portals for FINO[1] and for Suryoday Microfinance[2].
About FINO FINO Paytech (earlier FINO) is an organisation which provides last-mile operational support to finance organisations who wish to extend the reach of banking operations to non-branch locations and unbanked population. FINO Paytech[3] services over 76 mio. customers in over 460 out of India’s 660 districts. The foot soldiers who provide this reach to FINO’s customers are over 10,000 Business Correspondents (BC) who work on a structured schedule and offer FINO’s and FINO’s customers finance products to the customers.FINO has availed of the following services from TrainingCentral

  1. Custom Courseware creation
    1. Classroom
    2. E-learning
    3. Mobile-based programs
  2. Learning Management System Hosting




[3] Figures as viewed on the company website in Mar, 2014

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