Invitation to join India’s largest Domain Expert Network in Banking, Finance, Insurance ,Capital Markets, Financial Inclusion and Corporate Finance

Join the TrainingCentral Domain Expert Network

TrainingCentral has developed potentially the largest network of finance domain experts in the country. We service corporates in the Finance, Banking, Insurance and Financial Inclusion domain with a nation-wide branch networks (read ‘Introduction to TrainingCentral’ below for more details)

We have been invited to support the classroom training requirements of some of the top MF, Insurance, NBFC and Financial Inclusion organisations. To ensure capability to deliver the content in various cities across India, we invite domain experts to join our Domain Expert Network.

Registering and Updating Your Profile

Clients seeking to reach out to you can search for your profile using the flexible Search Page which we have created here. For accuracy of the search, we request your support in keeping your profile updated at all times. The following are the key criteria on which a client can search and reach out to you. Download the search document provided here to check where your profile fits in. Briefly, search criteria and the validations are as below

  1. DE No – Unique Domain Expert No. assigned by TrainingCentral.
  2. Your mail domain and sub-domain area (Category, Sub-Category). While the Category may be only limited to one (e.g. Banking, Life Insurance, etc.), you can list multiple Sub-categories.
  3. Total Years of Experience – We will show the #years of experience and month and year of this input from yourself. Do note that we will not automatically update the no. of years of experience as time progresses.
  4. Qualification – Please list all qualifications, including degrees, post-graduations, certifications, etc. which you feel will be useful for a client to take a decision on the assignment.
  5. Organisations worked for – you could mention the tenure in years in the organisation in brackets. The total tenure across organisations should not exceed the total experience.
  6. City and State of Domicile.

This page would continue to get updated as we receive feedback from our clients and yourselves. Do share thoughts, if any, on making this page better.

What are typical assignments from TrainingCentral

TrainingCentral provides end-to-end solutions to the corporate sector. This includes design and development of programs and delivering them. The support from you could depend upon your proficiency and experience level. In the past, Domain Experts have worked with TrainingCentral in areas like-

  • Participating in turnkey projects which TrainingCentral implements
  • Pan-India training delivery
  • Anchoring of Specific courses (online or blended) with the objective of providing periodic updates on changes
  • Design of games, exercises for training purposes in various areas of finance
  • Analytics in finance and insurance towards supporting content design

Advantage of joining TrainingCentral’s Domain Expert Network

The network provides a ready avenue for the domain expert to propagate his/her expertise. Some of the highlights on how domain experts have used this platform are –

  • Higher engagement through TrainingCentral assignments
  • Work on contemporary projects with top finance & insurance companies and regulators
  • Test pilot your offerings to corporates through TrainingCentral by jointly approaching clients
  • Expand delivery potential for your products across geographies using our network
  • Anchor and facilitate finance-based simulations and games for TrainingCentral
  • Act on consulting, research leads for non-training activities passed on by TrainingCentral
  • Submit your idea in training for design and implementation by TrainingCentral

Qualifications required

The Domain Expert Network includes Bankers (PSU, Pvt, MNC, Co-operative), Insurance professionals (Life, Health, General), Rating Agency experts, Investment Bankers, Capital Market experts, Risk professionals, Technologists, Personal Financial professionals, Financial Inclusion experts, Corporate Finance professionals and many others. A common characteristic amongst the members of the network is the experience and interest in Finance, Banking and Insurance and a zeal to train.

Our requirements span the capability to train, design content and work with assignments. You could be an independent consultant or trainer with a strong experience in finance and/or training. Working professional may also contact (for assignments that don’t  impact their work schedule (e.g. review of a document, researching a topic) or infringe on the confidentiality of their respective employment).

DEs from across locations in India are invited to join the network.

Other Specifications

There are no specifications for participating in our n/w.

However, for our classroom training, we would look to the following additional specs as required by our customers from time-to-time.

  1. Willingness to travel
  2. Fluency in  regional language (Verbal and written)Compliance Course Catalogue

Introduction to TrainingCentral

TrainingCentral Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an organization focused on training solutions for the finance domain. Our clientele include some of the top organisations in Banking, Finance and Insurance. Our offerings include-

  • Ready Online Courses and Tests in the area of Domain and Compliance
  • Short, Medium and Long-term Certifications for the Banking & Finance Industry
  • Solutions for training requirements in the industry for pan-India training projects. Solutions can include online, offline, mixed and innovative training method0lody.
  • Custom Courseware Development – We develop courses across online, classroom and mixed media for delivery via internet, publications and face-to-face training
  • LMS Hosting – TrainingCentral has a robust Learning Management System (LMS) Hosting solution for organizations of any size with complete operational support

TrainingCentral (TC) is possibly the only organisation that provides this unique mix of product and services to corporates. Our solutions are also deployed by the regulators in the finance domain. We have been delivering services to our clients for over 8 years.

TC’s strength in classroom delivery is its powerful Domain Expert Network of 300+ domain experts (DEs) pan-India. We standardise the content centrally and roll out the training at locations identified by our client through the Domain Expert Network.

Steps to Join

Step 1: Mail across your profile to clearly identifying areas of interest

Step 2: TrainingCentral will add your e-mail id to the Domain Expert Network mailer list. We intimate the members of this list on upcoming assignments. You can respond to the mails if they are within your area of interest and expertise.

For any queries on the above, please mail us on the email id above.

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