Special Compliance Training Packages for Bharat Coop 2024

We are pleased to share the Special Compliance Training Package Scheme we are launching to introduce at our stall no. 22 at Bharat Coop 2024 (https://bharatcoop.com/) on 22-May. This Scheme is also available to organisations not participating in the Conference.

Training in regulatory compliance areas is offered in two Pack options.

  1. Special Compliance Training Pack 1
    • Know Your Customer (English, Hindi, Marathi)
    • Anti-Money Laundering (English, Hindi, Marathi)
    • Information Security Awareness (Employee Version and Leadership Version)
  2. Special Compliance Training Pack 1
    • Know Your Customer (English, Hindi, Marathi)
    • Anti-Money Laundering (English, Hindi, Marathi)
    • Information Security Awareness (Employee Version and Leadership Version)
    • POSH (English, Hindi, Marathi)

Special Compliance Training Package Scheme details

  1. Packages Start and End Dates
    • Start Date – 2 May, 2024
    • End Date – 31 Aug 2024
  2. Periodicity – Annual; subscription will be per Annum. To be started within one month of subscription of the Package.
  3. Language:
    • 3 languages to be available for subscription by user.
    • Client to specify language for the user at subscription time.
    • One user to be assigned to one language variant only. Any additional language assignment will be considered a separate course license.
  4. Subscription no. calculation – 75% based on no. of employees estimated.
  5. Additional Subscription of TC Courses (Compliance and Finance) – Based on published rates.
  6. Additional Subscription of TC Marketplace courses – At TC Associate Rates
  7. Platform for publishing – Corp (https://corp.trainingcentral.co.in/)
  8. User Subscription details – Please see Learning Essentials Catalogues Subscription in the Terms & Conditions below.

How it Works

  1. Each Course includes-
    • E-learning Segment
    • Objective test with large question bank and randomised selection for user accessible once the e-learning segment is completed.
    • PDF certificate which user can generate on successfully taking the test.
  2. On Subscription of either package, Client will share an excel sheet of the user details as per template which TC will share with you.
    • User ids will be created for each user with a default password which the user will need to change at first login.
    • One HR Manager’s login will be created for accessing completion report.
  3. User will be able to access the courses via workstation or mobile.
  4. Client may
    • Create access for all users for all subscribed courses at one go to OR
    • Create access for user in segregated batches.
  5. Customer Support, Technical Support/Helpdesk will be provided over WhatsApp and email from techsupport@trainingcentral.co.in and +919136024860 during office hours, from 10 to 6 pm.

Refer to the Learning Essentials Catalogue Subscription Terms & Conditions for course access duration.
Demo access to the courses can be submitted on request. Evaluation of Demo access to be concluded within 20 days of access submission.

Terms & Conditions

  1. General Terms & Conditions
    • GST and any other taxes applicable at the time of invoicing will be charged separately.
    • Price valid for 3 months from date of publishing except for quote for iSpring Licenses (if part of this proposal).
    • Project Plan: On receiving go-ahead from client, TC will provide a project schedule at the start of the project which lists out tasks, dependencies, and responsibilities of all parties concerned. Client will provide point-of-contact for implementation. TC will assign a project manager for the project. Appropriate reviewers, support personnel will be assigned as per shared schedule. TrainingCentral will submit weekly project reports providing input on the progress on the project, issues, risks and other project parameters.
    • Client will identify a single point-of-contact for review and sign-off of deliverables as shared by TC on a time-to-time basis. Multiple-level reviews and sign-offs within Client organisation are not factored in.
    • Client gives TC the right to mention the sale transaction as part of its marketing material. TC may use the logo of the Client to indicate the identity of the Client.
    • TC brand-name will be published in the portal at various locations and in various courses as ‘Powered by TrainingCentral Solutions’ or words with similar effect.
  2. Learning Essentials Catalogue Subscription
    • The Learning Essentials catalogue is a subscription arrangement for a TrainingCentral product. The Intellectual Property (IPR) rests with TrainingCentral and its associates.
    • Usage, Access durations and limitations – User access to TC course is limited by duration (no. of months of access) and attempts. A course is made up of multiple activities. The main and common activities accessed are SCORM activities and tests.
      • Course Access Duration – This is limited to 90 days. Within this duration, User can access the course activities multiple times (as defined in this section below).
      • SCORM Access – Within the Couse, a User can access the SCORM/s multiple times. However, users in a company should access the SCORM/s in such a fashion that that simultaneous or heavy concurrent user access should not cause network or server usage bottleneck or downtime.
      • Test Access – Test Access is usually limited to 3 attempts, unless requested by Client. After a User exhausts his/her maximum number of attempts, additional attempts can be provider for select users on request through Client Point-of-Contact.
      • PDF Certificate – The Certificate is a document indicating completion of the course and can be downloaded by the user as well as the HR Manager.
      • User Access to Other activities/facilities – A course may have multiple other activities (e.g. Assignment, Forum, Web Conference Session). Duration and No. of attempts will be published separately for such activities/facilities. Kindly check course structure for details on these activities.
      • Access flow in the form of dependencies for accessing components of Course e.g. the test to open only after SCORM access is ‘Completed’ and so on can be set up on request.
    • Client will ensure that there is no attempt to copy, reverse engineer, re-engineer, modify, corrupt, or otherwise change the form and content of the courseware.
    • The same terms and conditions as applicable to access of TrainingCentral products on the TrainingCentral portal on copyright considerations and other access-related terms apply to CRLP and On-Client Portal Subscriptions too.
    • Client will communicate identity of the corporate entity where the course will be deployed. Only employees and outsourced parties of that corporate entity will access the course. Group companies, affiliates, associate organisations and any other such organisations will not access the course.
    • Corporate Guidelines, Logo, TrainingCentral Trademark display and other aspects
      • The initial slides and the last slide of the course will have a TrainingCentral licensing text and disclaimer.
      • Each slide will contain the footer – © TrainingCentral Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
      • Client logo may be inserted into the header band of a Learning Essentials courseware on request and at a cost.
    • Customisation of Learning Essentials course
      • Inclusion of custom content from client, customization of look-n-feel of course and any other changes to the course will be charged separately. TC will integrate the content with the product and provide a consolidated product.
      • Some courses are available in regional language. Pricing for subscription of regional variant may vary.
    • Deliverables, Access Duration and Access Methodologies
      • The following are part of the deliverables under this product.
        • Learning Essentials E-learning courses for identified titles in SCORM format.
        • Question Bank in the form of a SCORM for the course where the course includes the same.
      • The courses are published using popular Authoring Tool iSpring Suite in the SCORM format. It should work on any Learning Management System which accepts courses designed as per SCORM format. All features and limitations of iSpring Suite apply to the SCORM deliverables.
      • TrainingCentral updates its courses periodically. Clients taking annual subscription will receive the courseware update as per the deliverable above as and when TC publishes new updates. For Perpetual Licenses, periodic updates as published by TrainingCentral are not included.
    • Commercials
      • Commercials is slab-based and are liable to change from time to time.
  3. Support
    • Client will select one point-of-contact (POC) for any customer service-related issues for the courseware. TrainingCentral will not interact with the individual users as assigned by client for the customer.
    • Designated Compliance manager will be able to download reports from the portal for completion status.             
    • Access flow in the form of dependencies for accessing e-learning course, tests, certificate, etc. can be set up on request.
  4. The same terms and conditions as applicable to access of TrainingCentral products on the TrainingCentral portal on copyright considerations and other access-related terms apply to On Client Portal access too.

Payment Terms

  1. TrainingCentral Banking Details
    Account Name – TrainingCentral Solutions Private Limited
    Bank Account no. – 05412000006999
    IFSC Code – HDFC0006502
    Account Type – Current
    Corporate details – PAN – AADCT3450B), ST No. – AADCT3450BSD001),                              
    UDYAM MSME Registration Number (UDYAM-MH-19-0147121) registered 15 Jul 2022 CIN No.: U80301MH2009PTC197844     
  2. Payment of invoice within 30 days of submission of the invoice.
  3. For Ready-to-Use Courseware Subscription
    • Payment – 100% in advance and within 15 days of confirming quote.
    • This includes any customization charge required.
    • Renewal payment 2 months prior to expiry of annual term. 

Access the course catalog via given link:-

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