TCUpdate: India’s First Multi-State, Technology-delivered Financial Inclusion Certification Goes Live!



India’s First Multi-State
Technology-delivered Certification
in Financial Inclusion Goes Live

Story Telling & Role Play narrative
for easy understanding

Delivered in Regional Languages
to ensure higher effectiveness

On the Mobile phone, in her/his
village for ease of access

Graded, Structured Exercises with
Real-world Financial transactions to
conform learning


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Certification Features

The GramShakti Certification has been developed for CRISIL Foundation. It is a 30 hours online-only Certification accessible totally through an app easily accessible through mobile and tablet. It is designed to train the Gram Shakti Worker to be the Financial Inclusion champion of her[1] Village. She just needs to login once using her mobile number; thereafter she can get started with the Certification module by module.

The app has not only the content, but also the complete user interface designed in regional languages i.e. Hindi and Assamese. The certification is divided into 11 modules that cover the complete span of Financial Inclusion and Literacy, including modules on Financial Planning, Savings, Investment, Loans, Insurance, Pension and Livelihood. A Special chapter is also included to introduce latest elements in Digital Finance to the participants.

Each module is divided into chapters which explain every topic in an interactive and story-telling format. You can get a glimpse of the Certification here.

Once the chapter is downloaded, participant can view it anytime and anywhere without internet connection. As the participant is potentially in remote and rural locations, the app supports offline access feature; one the participant downloads the chapters, module progress can happen even without internet connection.

Only after completely viewing all the chapters is participant given access to the Module-end test. This consists of questions extracted from a question bank in randomised manner. The question bank consists of 3 categories of questions: Simple, Moderate and Complex. We have also included module-end context-specific questions to ensure verification of diligent understanding of the module.

Certification credibility is an important consideration. To ensure that application of the Certification is assessed, the certification includes exercises to ensure that participant is able to apply the theoretical knowledge in real life scenarios such as making PAN Card application, opening Savings account, preparing household budget and so on. The proven Rubrics Grading Method has been used to assess the submissions made by participants for exercises. That means there are pre-defined parameters on which exercises will be graded.

The in-built grading mechanism of the app will take into consideration not only the score in module tests, but also user’s performance in exercises.

The GramShakti certification and its app is designed keeping in mind our target audience from remote rural part of India. In anticipation of any technical issue, we have created help videos for frequently faced challenges. Apart from that, user can seek IT support via e-mail, phone call or over a Whatsapp group chat. TrainingCentral ensured a short TAT to ensure that the critical introductory period progresses smoothly.

We are sure that GramShakti will be a gamechanger in making every village of India progressive in financial literacy!

[1] The Gram Shakti Certification applicant is typically a member of one of the Village SHGs. She will be dynamic, progressive and with an inclination to help her fellow village householders gain financial freedom. While it is targeted towards the women-participants, male financial advisors can also enrol and undergo the Certification.

Highlights of the Certification

Duration – 30+ hours

Languages at time of Launch – 2 (Hindi, Assamese)

Spread of Go-live Locations – 4 States (Assam, Haryana, Maharashtra, Rajasthan)

No. of Certificate holders (as on 10 Jul, 2019) – 68

Practical Exercises as part of Certification – 16

TrainingCentral’s Role – Design, Development, Hosting, Upgrade, Customer Care & Technical Support, Training

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