140630 14-15/001: KYC for Institutions Customers

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We had raised this requirement on 10 Jun, 2014 and it is still open. Post raising the requirement by the client, we had
additional inputs which changed the nature of the interaction. Pl. find below the details as known as of now.
As this seems
to be quite a niche requirement, we request you to suggest other contacts who can participate in this assignment.
Client Banking and Finance Software Product & Services Organisation
Requirement As we understand, it is a consulting cum training engagement as no master templates as required by the client for each of the constitutions below exist off the shelf. They need to be developed and customised per the jurisdiction, local regulatory & reporting requirements and the client’s internal audit/compliace & legal team’s comfort/sign-off.Program Title: KYC for Institutional Clients. Curriculum (Sample)

  • Overview of Institutional KYC and its various components
  • KYC Policies & KYC remediation
  • KYC (Specific to India and abroad)
  • Regulatory Operating guidelines
  • Guidelines for Opening Accounts of Companies, Trusts, Firms, Intermediaries etc.
  • Monitoring Accounts Customer research Suspicious transactions
  • Case Studies

As we understood from the client, the scope of the project is totally India-based entities. ‘Please find some of the entity types for which we are looking at giving practical exposure to our staff on how to conduct KYC review (doc verification, identifying beneficiary owners, Sanctions/Negative news, PEPs & risk scoring etc.,)’

  • 1. Partnership
  • 2. Public / Private Company
  • 3. Funds
  • 4. Trust
  • 5. Listed or Regulated
  • 6. Subsidiary of Listed or Regulated
  • 7. Banks
  • 8. Government Bodies
  • 9. Non-Profit Organization

We invite DEs who have had hands-on experience in Client On-boarding and India-specific procedures and PMLA expertise.

Target Audience Consulting group which works on KYC and AML-based solutions
Location Anywhere (Mumbai or Bangalore preferred)
Duration,Dates,Timelines Asap
Doc Link (If Any) NA
Status Update NA
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