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the requirement
Client An independent research firm set up by banking and consulting practitioners providing technology-driven credit risk analysis and specialised news on companies to leading banks/FIIs/PE investors.
Requirement The work involves searching publically available digital information on companies using our technology enabled proprietary search methodology, analysing the information to identify risks to their business. The analysis would translate into concise reports that should contain information/ insights not readily discernible or available readily through a web search. The work will require excellent credit report writing skills that can engage the attention of the target audience: Heads of corporate banking/risk /investments in Banks/FIIs/PE firms.Key Skills

  • Ability and patience to search information on the worldwide web and correlate seemingly unconnected pieces of information. Please note the first level of search will be automated, your role will be to review the results to identify key focus areas of risk and iteratively conduct further search
  • Ability to understand financial statements across multiple sectors and points of stress
  • Ability to understand operations across multiple industries particularly capital/ debt intensive ones to identify risks
  • Ability to synthesise the information, formulate hypotheses supported by data and prepare crisp insightful reports
Who Can Apply
  • Chartered Accountant or MBA(finance) with at least 5 years experience in corporate credit underwriting / credit risk analysis /credit operations in a bank
  • Familiarity with various Accounting Standards and its application in the context of a company’s financial statements and ability to understand the import of Notes/Auditor’s report in statutory financial statements will be a plus
Location Anywhere, both full time and part time options available with flexibility of working from home at chosen hours. All we look for is delivering requisite quality output as per timelines
Duration,Dates,Timelines Asap
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