Design and Implementation of a Corporate Academy

TrainingCentral Support in Building a Corporate Academy

Business Need

To ensure the all the executives in the various SBUs are upskilled in the knowledge in various areas where the deficiency of the same is impacting productivity and quality.

TrainingCentral Approach

This program will provide Technology Employees with a grounds-up understanding of the Banking & Accounts, which is essential for their work with the software applications they work with.

About the Program

The program is brought to designed by TrainingCentral Solutions Private Limited ( The program is a multi-step learning initiative and the participants will go through the following learning journey.

  1.  E-learning courses – The participants can access these at their desktop or any internet connection, learning at their own pace. They will receive your access details 7 days prior to and till 1 month after the last classroom session.The tests which are part of the program are based on classroom training and these e-learning courses.
  2. Classroom training – The 3-day training program covers intricacies of Banking and Accounts.
3. Specially Designed Books – Participants will also workbooks and reference material which are designed to complement the classroom training and ensure interest in the topics.
4. Online Test – Online tests with multiple attempts mapped to the training material will be opened to the participants post-classroom training. Questions are picked up in random order from a large question bank.
  5. Certificate – Once the participants complete the test successfully, they will get a certificate. They can then download this certificate for their reference.
6. Other learning tools – watch this space. More learning tools coming soon – Crosswords, interactive competitions and other many interesting learning-related activities to get brownie points on.
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