Compliance Courseware : ISA For Volkswagen Financial Services 

TC Product: E-learning Courseware Design
Unique e-learning courseware approach, with multiple variants for various segments of employees

Target Audience: Leadership, Vendor Management and Employees of the company as 3 different segments of employees.
Training Mode & Duration: Online courseware
Unique features
IS ownership differs based on employee roles and responsibilities. The Leadership use company assets on-the-go and delegate extensively. Besides IS department the Vendor Management Department protects IS assets from leakage. And each Employee is vulnerable to technology onslaughts from various sources.

But often, your Information Security Awareness is the same for all categories. Why?!

  • Variants for each employee category.
  • The cases used are engaging and relevant, so that accessing the course doesn’t become a ‘tick’ exercise.
  • Quantifiable and measurable outcomes for the programs.

TC delivery

  • Learning Management Systems (LMS) for the portal
  • Courseware development with various segments accessing the course applicable to them.  

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